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When Dom met Billy
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Welcome to behind_truth. This is created by arwen1682 and _living_is_easy.

The fic is based in New Zealand when Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan first met before filming the LoTR trilogy. It tells their life in New Zealand.

This is a WIP and it's rated NC-17 for later chapters. Join or friend the community, the more the merrier. We're not getting paid for doing this, this is just for fun. If this isn't your stuff, don't join.

Dominic Monaghan will be played by _living_is_easy and Billy Boyd will be played by arwen1682. Other characters will be shared between us both.

The whole layout design and banner was created by _living_is_easy. arwen1682 helped out but she sucks at LJ coding. *grins*


Here are some prommotional banners that _living_is_easy did.

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