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"Alright... so whiskey’s all around and a coke for Elijah?" Dom teased sticking his tongue out at the youngest member of their group.

"Shut up!" Elijah fired back, attempting to look hurt.

Billy wrapped an arm around Elijah’s shoulder and squeezed. “Poor Elijah. The wee Frodo wants to get drunk… bad Dom!” He pointed an accusing finger at Dom. “Be nice to your cousin, Merry! Or Sam here is gonna kill you,” Billy giggled looking at Sean.

Dom giggled and shook his head. "Better watch out for you eh, Samwise Gamgee?"

Sean shook his head and laughed as four bottles were slid onto the table. "Enjoy boys." The waitress said winking and turning to walk away.

“You bet your shite we’re enjoying ourselves,” Billy said as he drank his beer. He drank half the bottle in one gulp, burping and then giggling. “What? This is called ‘manly drinking’, men drink and then they belch.”

"Attractive Boyd!" Dom laughed, draining a good portion of his beer. He started laughing again as a small burp came from his throat. He looked over at Billy and shrugged.

"Manly." Elijah rolled his eyes, giggling.

Billy looked around to see that they were gaining attention by their behaviors. He nodded at them and smiled apologetically. He turned around and shook his head. “We’re behaving like hobbits, getting drunk and being stupid.”

"Good practice!" Dom laughed and shook his head. "So... my dear hobbits we're going to be getting to know each other very well... so... let's start!"

Billy stood up suddenly, chair falling behind, shaking the table, spilling beer all over it, the others giving groans of discomfort. “I’m William, I’m 31 but I look 18. I’m from Scotland and I like to get pissed!” He raised his bottle. Elijah laughed hard, Billy leaned down and said. “Get pissed,” causing Elijah to laugh more.

"Well..." Dom said putting his drink down and standing up onto the chair. "I'm Dominic, I am 23 years old, and I like to act..." Dom laughed and jumped down from his chair. "Can't think of anything else.”

Billy snorted. “You act like a five-year-old, Dom!” Billy kept laughing. “I gotta piss, fuck.” This made Elijah laugh again because when Billy said ‘fuck’, it sounded like he said ‘fook’. “Dammit, Elijah, stop laughing like a hyena!” He walked to the bathroom, leaving the other laughing.

"Elijah you are such an American." Dom laughed and drained the last bit of his beer. "Shite. Arse. Fuck. Wanker. Bloody hell." Dom said quickly making Elijah almost knock over his drink.

"Fuck..." He giggled clutching his sides. "Gonna pee myself..."

"Piss your goddamn pants." Dom challenged.

Billy returned from the bathroom, to find them all laughing. “Game over!” He announced. “I’m taking the bloody Brit, you take the bloody American,” he told Sean. “Come on, Dom lad, let’s get you home. You’ve had enough beer, yes?”

Dom laughed and stood up, leaning against Billy. "Alright... You know... you have a couple heads."

Billy took Dom’s hand and led him out of the pub. “Is that so? Do I still look handsome with two heads?” Billy helped Dom sit in the car and with the buckle. “There you are, you’re secured now.” Billy sat down and started the engine.

Dom giggled and leaned over to look closely at Billy. "You look handsome with even just one head." He replied smiling and then leaning back. Monaghan... he warned himself but found his mouth was taking another route. "And two heads make it that much better."

Billy laughed and shook his head. “Now we know that you’re a sweet drunk. Get yourself comfy until we get home, don’t dare throw up in my car, ye hear? Or you’re gonna clean it, bastard.”

Dom giggled and nodded. "I'll try." They rode the rest of the way back to Billy's house in silence... Dom laughing every now and again and Billy would chuckle back.

“Home sweet home,” Billy chanted. He got out of the car and helped Dom out. He slipped and Billy caught him. “Fuck, you’re heavy! Merry’s a fat hobbit, you’re not that far!” He said.

Dom giggled and pushed away from the car, clinging to Billy's shirt. "Am not." He giggled again. "I'm just... oh... shit..." He said stopping and swaying against Billy's arms which were holding him up. "I..." Dom leaned over quickly and emptied the contents in his stomach, just barely missing Billy's shoes. He groaned, feeling his head pound.

Billy jumped back quickly. “Fuck!” He stood behind Dom and patted his back. “Come on, lad, let’s get you inside.” Billy pulled Dom toward the house but he was falling down so Billy caught him. “I’ve got you, Dom… you stink,” he muttered.

They were inside the house when Billy helped Dom to the bedroom. Billy sat him on the bed and began to undress him. “I just met you today and here I am undressing you,” Billy said mostly to himself.

"Aww fuck, Bills." Dom said raising his arms over his head to allow Billy to remove his shirt. "My head is fucking pounding." He leaned his head against Billy's shoulder and closed his eyes. "The light hurts."

“Stay there,” Billy ordered. He went to his own bathroom to the medicine cabinet. He got a pair of aspirins for Dom to take. Back inside Dom’s room, he turned off the light and turned on the lamp, he sat on the bed beside Dom. “Take these; they will help you with your headache.” Billy handed Dom the pills.

Dom slowly grabbed a bottle of water that was beside his bed from when he had taken a nap earlier and swallowed the pills quickly. "Thanks." He said trying to smile, and squint away the light at the same time. "Thanks and I am sorry... this must be a great way to get to know me... I am the one who gets pissed." Dom sighed and looked away from Billy. Great first impression, you prick. He thought shaking his head.

Billy sighed. “Don’t worry about a thing, mate. Good thing you’re not alone because next time? You’re taking care me when I get drunk,” he winked at Dom. “Get some sleep there, Dom. We don’t have to be in the studio in two days, so don’t worry about it.” Billy laid his hand on Dom’s forehead. “Go to sleep, I’ll be in my room if you ever need me,” he offered. He stood up and left the room.

Dom sighed and shut the lamp off. Pulling the covers up around him, he rolled onto his side and looked to the door. He smiled as he saw Billy peak his head around the corned quickly, making sure Dom was alright. When he heard Billy's door close, he turned again a small smile on his face. "Thank you." He whispered before falling into a peaceful sleep.

Billy lay in bed, he was relaxed to hear silence, it meant that Dom was asleep. He was going to deal with a bad hangover in the morning, but Billy had the cure. His famous secret hangover shakes. He smiled at the thought, of how many times he had done that drink. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The last images of Dom's subconscious danced behind his eyes before they fluttered open. He looked around quickly a small smile playing on his lips as he took a deep breath. Then, he felt as if he was hit in the head with a hammer. He groaned loudly and rolled over, covering his head with his arm. "Goddamnit..." he swore. He heard Billy in the kitchen and started to move to sit up. The pounding intensified making Dom drop back down to the bed. "I'm going to die." he whined to himself.

Billy was finishing his secret drink that would allow Dom get over his hangover. He took one egg and dropped it into the shake, then turned on the blender, wincing at the loud sound. That must be killing poor Dom!

He walked into Dom’s room and sat on the mattress with the shake on his hand. “Dom, I can see you’re feeling like shite, I want you to drink this. It will help you with your hangover.”

"I'm dead." Dom replied through the pillow. "And if I am not.. then please.. kill me." He peaked out from under the pillow to look up at Billy's amused face. He narrowed his eyes slightly, which only made Billy smile wider. "Fine." He said.

Sitting up slowly, he took the glass from Billy's hands and took a big gulp. "It taste's like shite!" He said sticking out his tongue and staring at the glass. "What is this?!"

“It’s my hangover shake,” Billy said. “I won’t tell you what it has because right now, you don’t need to hear it. What you have to do is to drink it, it will help you, I promise, I’ve been drinking it for every hangover for the past 10 years.”

Dom grumbled and pinched two fingers over his nose as he drained the rest of the drink. The action only made Billy start laughing. "Shut up... wanker." Dom said trying to hide back a small smile. "My mum told me to do that when I didn't like the taste of my vegetables."

Billy laughed more. “I’m sure she did. You’ll feel better, I promise.” Billy got the glass from Dom and stood up. “I’m going to take a shower, you keep resting there. Bang the door if you need me.”

Dom nodded and tried not to giggle at Billy's choice of words. Once Billy left Dom let out a laugh, afterwards clutching onto his head. "Bang the door." He said to himself laying back down and pulling the covers around him again. He was still tired and hopefully, the drink would work on his hangover and the sleep would get rid of the taste.

Hot water fell all over Billy’s body. He closed his eyes and leaned against the wall to enjoy the water. He really did love hot showers. The last time he had a hot shower with someone was with his ex-girlfriend a month ago. He did love shower sex. Billy wondered when would be the next time. “The things you think of, Boyd, seriously!” He told himself.

Dom tried closing his eyes but found sleep wouldn't come. The painkillers he had gotten the night before must've worked because he had slept the whole night. He sat up, finding the drink had already helped. Stretching his arms, he yawned and finally got out of the bed. Standing he looked around the room and grabbed a bag. He pulled out his clothes and paused as he felt a small pressure in his stomach. "Billy!" he called leaving the room and walking to the bathroom. "BILLY! I have to piss!"

Billy opened his eyes and nearly fell down. “The fuck?” He said softly. “Eh, come in, Dom, I can’t hear you!” He was thankful that the curtain wasn’t visible. He opened the curtain a little to see Dom come in.

"Sorry... I just have to take a piss." Dom said closing the door behind him and smiling cheekily at Billy. "You don't mind do you?" he asked; face becoming serious and his eyes staring into Billy’s.

Billy raised his eyebrows and shook his head. “Just don’t flush the toilet, you wanker. Don’t want you stealing the hot water. Oh and close the toilet lid, I don’t wanna see your yellow water when I come out, thank you very much,” he said grinning.

"Alright, deal." Dom laughed turning to the toilet and opening the fly of the jeans he had wore to sleep. "So how are you, Billy Boy?" Dom laughed as they could both clearly hear his piss hit the inside of the toilet. He knew that Billy was behind the curtain shaking his head. Once relived, He pulled the top of his jeans back over his hips and zipped the fly. "Would you kill me if I flushed this?" He challenged a smile in his voice.

Billy let out his arm and pointed an accusing finger at Dom, but in fact, it was pointing at the wall. “You do that and I won’t ever help you with your hangovers, you wanker!”

Dom giggled as he took a step towards the toilet again. "Oh really?" He said raising his eyebrows. Billy looked like he was about to jump out of the shower as Dom smiled cheekily and hit the flusher lightly. He laughed as Billy's eyes widened, just ready for the toilet to flush. "I'm gonna do it." Dom said winking and moving to press it again. He hit it like before and ran out of the room, hoping he hadn't hit it as hard as to flush it. Slamming the door he ran to the kitchen. If it had actually flushed, he had no doubt Billy would run after him starkers and all. Not that I would mind...

Once he made it into the kitchen he paused. Billy wasn't following him so he was safe. For now. He opened the fridge and rummaged around for things to make their breakfast with. He found ham and eggs and decided that was good enough.

Billy was out of the shower, calming down after the cold rush. Revenge is sweeter than anything. He wrapped a towel around his waist and filled a small bucket with cold water. He left the bathroom and walked to the kitchen, where he found Dom busy in the fridge.

Billy grinned. He moved closer, trying to not make a noise until he stood behind Dom and let the cold water fall on Dom’s back, making his scream. “How’s that for revenge, ye daft punk!”

"Fucking Hell!" Dom screamed out jumping back away from the fridge and Billy. "I swear I didn't mean to flush it!" He stuttered before starting to laugh. "You got a bloody cold rush didn't you?"

“You can bet your life on it! And I returned the favor!” Billy bowed. “We’re even, Monaghan,” he said as he turned around and walked to the bathroom to dress.

"Yeah, yeah." Dom laughed shaking his head. He leaned over to get the package of ham he had dropped to the floor and found himself leaning around the fridge to watch Billy disappear back into the bathroom. Leaning against the bottom cupboards he shook his head. Not this time Monaghan... not again. Everything with John was bad enough... Sighing he reached above him to grab a towel to start wiping up the water.

Billy finished dressing and went to the kitchen room to find Dom mopping the floor. “Oh, Dom, I’m sorry. Please don’t clean it, I’ll finish. You’re supposed to be resting, not cleaning my house.” Billy placed a hand on Dom’s back. “Fuck, Dom, you’re still wet. Go have a hot shower right now!”

Dom quickly rung out the towel and handed it to Billy. "I don't need to be resting anymore! It's my own fault I wanted to get pissed. But I won't say no to the shower!" He said smiling and walking past Billy towards the bathroom.

When Billy heard the shower, he went to his bedroom and dialed a very familiar number. “Hi, this is Elly, I’m not here right now but please leave your message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Have a nice day!” Said the woman in the answering machine. Billy closed his eyes and tears fell down his face. The beep sound alerted him. “Uh… Elly, hi, it’s me… I, I wanted to see how you were doing, hear your voice, talk to you like we used to… I’ll call you later. Bye” Billy hunged up the phone and wiped his tears.

With his back pressed against the wall, Dom let the warm water run lazily over his body as he looked up to the ceiling. The water felt good, and he imagined them washing away all thoughts of John that continued to return day after day. It was like he was hanging there... haunting him. Pushing off from the wall he grabbed some shampoo and lathered it in his hair. To think... just 2 months ago he believed he and John would be spending the rest of their lives together... then she came along. "Fucking whore." Dom swore as he spat and started to rinse his hair. "Today John... you're gone." He whispered, tears hidden by the streaming water. Hidden to everyone except for him.

Billy cleared his throat and went to the kitchen to drink some water. He needed to calm down; he wasn’t ready for Dom to see him like this. It was too soon. He didn’t know Dom very well. Billy went to the balcony and concentrated on the view before him, the lake, the trees, and the birds.

Stepping out of the shower, Dom towel dried his hair and looked up at his reflection. His cheeks were slightly red and slightly puffy. Sighing he wrapped the towel around himself and quickly moved to his bed room. Pulling on a pair of jeans and a Beatles T-shirt he moved to a mirror atop of a small desk in the corner of the room. He wouldn't be able to hide in his room until the redness went away so he needed something to take the attention away from his cheeks… he wasn't exactly ready to tell Billy about his love life and have Billy turn him out on his ass. Reaching down into a bag Dom pulled out a black eye pencil and started filling in the crease below his eye.

Billy was more calmed. Long minutes passed, his moment with nature calmed him down. He went inside to meet Dom in the living room. Billy looked at Dom carefully and frowned. “Is that… eyeliner you’re wearing?”

Dom half shrugged and suddenly regretted using the eyeliner. It may have been a bit much. "Yeah I wear it sometimes..." He replied trying to smile.

Billy raised his eyebrows and shrugged. “Looks good,” he simply replied. “That’s also a very cool shirt,” he offered.

"Thanks..." Dom said sitting on the couch and looking away. "I like the Beatles." He looked down at his hands and then glanced back up at Billy who was still staring at him. "You can say I look retarded you know."

Billy snorted. “You’re not retarded, Dominic,” Billy said sitting down on a couch in front of Dom. “You’re definitely the most interesting person I’ve ever met,” he offered smiling.

Dom looked up at Billy and returned the smile. "Well, you are quite interesting yourself." Dom said laughing and leaning back. "And sorry... A lot of people have said things about the eyeliner..."

Billy waved at him. “Bah, don’t fret over it, lad. No need to worry about it. You should see some people that are not familiar with Scottish culture. When they see me wearing a kilt, they look at me as if I have lost my mind!” He laughed. “Your eyeliner is nothing compared the kilt… your eyes looks bigger.”

Dom laughed at this and all worries he had, had were wiped away. "I would actually love to see you in a kilt. I don't think I can picture it." He said looking at Billy. "I have only seen one person wear a kilt and that was last year at a Halloween party... John was..." Dom stopped suddenly, finding his voice lodged in his throat. "Ah... he was..." He stopped again and looked to the ground.

Billy stood up and went to sit at Dom’s side. “John? Was he a close friend?” Billy waited for Dom to answer, but he never did. “Never mind, you don’t have to tell me, I’m sorry, Dom.”

"No… you told me about your parents when you didn’t want to…" Dom whispered after another minute. Closing his eyes he sighed. He already felt the tears once again building behind his eyes. Eyeliner was now officially a bad idea. "John… was a close friend yeah. But not… not the way you think. John… well I mean I… we…" Dom stopped and bit his lower lip. Looking up to meet Billy’s eyes, he felt a single tear fall down his cheek. "John was my boyfriend." He whispered. Licking his lower lip he quickly pressed on. "But we broke up two months ago and I know I should’ve told you this before…"

Billy was taken by surprise. He never expected Dom to be gay. Sure, he had mates back in Scotland and some were gay, some even tried to make moves on Billy, with him declining kindly.

“I… you must have loved him for you to be this sad, Dom. I’m sorry to hear that,” Billy said softly. “Why were you afraid that I would react badly? I’m a very open person; I have gay friends back at home. It’s okay, Dom, it really is.”

"I’m not gay…" Dom said. "Bisexual. I like the ladies too." Sighing he wiped away the tear and shook his head. "Sorry… I don’t mean to start blubbering." He laughed lightly and wiped his eyes again. "Just like he was…" Dom shrugged again.

“You loved him,” Billy simply replied. “Love’s a curse, I’ll tell ya. I broke up with Ellen, my last girlfriend less than a month ago, and I’m still mourning.” Billy shrugged. “Tell me, since you’re bisexual, who do you prefer more? Men or women?”

Dom paused at that and thought quickly. "It depends… It’s really all about the person." Dom replied slowly. "I’ve been with more women though." Dom looked up and again met Billy’s eyes. "I’m sorry about you and Ellen."

“No need to be,” Billy said. “I chose my career over her. I couldn’t miss this opportunity,” he smiled at Dom. He telephone startled them and Billy answered. It was Elijah. After the call, Billy turned to Dom. “Elijah wants us to go have lunch at his house, you up for it?”

"Uh yeah... let me just go fix this sodding eyeliner." Dom replied nodding quickly and standing from the couch.

“You’re so vain,” Billy sang as Dom disappeared. He went to his room to gather his wallet and car keys. Billy kept whistling the song until Dom came out of the bathroom.

"Let's go wanker." Dom said quickly, praying that nothing was going to change what they had already established. The smile from Billy somehow reassured him that it wouldn't.
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