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“Billy,” a female voice said. “It’s Ellen.”

Billy sat up and stared at Dom. “E… Ellen?” Billy hesitated, he saw Dom sit up as well. “How… how did you get this number? Why are you calling?”

"I... I just wanted to see how you were doing." Ellen whispered smiling softly into the phone. "I... I miss you Billy."

“I don’t get it, Ellen,” Billy said angrily into the phone. “Did your boyfriend dump you and now you’re calling me to see if I can take you back?”

"No..." She cringed at his tone. "I broke up with him. He wasn’t like you Billy. He didn't talk to me the same way, treat me the same way. All he did was make me realize how stupid was."

Billy sighed and closed his eyes. “Well I met someone else,” he said as he reached out for Dom’s hand. “And this person makes me very happy. I’m happier than I ever was with you.”

"I know I messed up Billy..." Ellen whispered after a pause. "And I know I don't even deserve for you to talk to me. But Billy, I want to try to make it up to you." She paused and the continued. "I realize that I lost the best thing I ever had. I love you Billy. For real."

“Don’t do this to me,” Billy whispered. “I don’t love you, not anymore. I’m in love with someone else. I have a different life right now. You didn’t accept it, so I’m with someone who shares my job. You wasted your time calling.”

"Billy." She said quickly. "Is she with you right now?"

“I’m with the person that I love right now,” Billy said. “Why do you even care?”

Dom looked over to Billy, questioning and wondering what was going on. On the phone, Billy heard Ellen sigh. "Billy, go in the other room... please."

Billy shook his head. “No, this conversation ends NOW.”

"Billy!" Ellen pleaded.

“What the fuck do you want from me, Ellen?” Billy shouted as he stood up and paced the room naked. “You sent me a fucking letter telling me to give it up, why should I forgive you? It’s. Over. Get. It? Don’t ever call again; I don’t want to hear from you!” Billy shouted one last time as he hung up the phone almost breaking it. He sat on the bed shaking.

Dom quickly reacted, sitting up and wrapping his arms around Billy's waist, pulling him to his chest. He kissed Billy's shoulder lightly. "You okay Bills?”

Billy leaned back against Dom and sighed. “I’ll be alright, I didn’t expect that,” he said, voice shaking. “She practically begged to get back together knowing that I’m in love with someone else.”

Dom kissed his shoulder again and absent mindedly squeezed his stomach. Just a month or so... Dom had found him crying over that letter. Closing his eyes and squeezing tighter, he found himself whispering the question rolling from his tongue. "Do you still... love her?"

Billy turned around to look at Dom. “After last night? After a few moments ago? My love for her died the moment I read that letter. I don’t love her, I love you, Dom,” his last words were soft and tender. “She means nothing,” he whispered.

Dom smiled, finding a tear fall down his cheek. He didn't even know he was crying. Cupping Billy's face with his hands, he pulled Billy to him and kissed him gently.

After the kiss, Billy smiled gently at Dom and wiped his tears with his thumbs. “How can I not love you after the way you shagged me into the mattress?” Billy giggled.

Dom laughed and resting his forehead on Billy's chest. "I don't know Bills." He laughed again, laying down and pulling Billy over him.

“Yes you do,” Billy replied as his head rested on top of Dom’s chest. Billy focused on listening to Dom’s heartbeat and closed his eyes. For the first time in weeks, he was happy. Billy never realized Dom could make him that happy. “What do you want to do today?”

Dom giggled and ran his hand down Billy's back to cup his arse. "I dunno... there's a lot of choices." He smiled.

“More shagging, we could go take a walk, eat like pigs, shag more, take a shower, shag again, eat again, and yet more shagging,” Billy laughed.

"We could..." Dom said tipping up Billy's head and kissing him. "We could combine some of those too." He whispered.

Billy smiled. “I’m intrigued Mr. Monaghan,” Billy said wiggling his eyebrows. “What do you have in mind, share with the class.”

Dom smiled and slowly licked Billy's neck. "Fancy getting wet?" He whispered.

“A shower? You want to take a shower with me?” Billy whispered. His hand caressed Dom’s sides hips and then his hand took hold of Dom’s balls and squeezed lightly. “Fancy that,” Billy winked.

"Mhmm." Dom replied arching off the bed at Billy's hand. "Good... because now that you've done that... You don't have a choice." He said attacking Billy's lips with his own.

Billy moaned into Dom’s mouth, enjoying the kiss immensely. “Come on, let’s go. I want you again.”

Dom nodded, getting out of the bed and pulling Billy to him immediately. He backed up, hitting against the wall, laughing as Billy pressed right up against him. "Let's try to make it to the shower." He panted, kissing Billy again, slipping his tongue into his mouth.

“It’s a challenge, I tell you,” Billy huskily said as he attacked Dom’s mouth again. He pressed himself against Dom and his hips thrusting against Dom’s, building a delicious friction. “This feels so better with a lad than a lass,” he moaned.

Dom moaned back and grabbed Billy's arse, pulling them closer. "Fuck yeah." He whispered.

Billy lightly bit Dom’s neck, and then his lips sucked on the tender flesh leaving a pink mark. “Shower, Dom,” Billy said between kisses.

Dom didn't reply, just shoved Billy back, until Billy's back was pressed against the wall. "Can't... don't think... I can wait." He said pressing his lips to Billy's.

“Fuck,” Billy moaned. He wrapped his arms around Dom’s back and neck and held on him for life, their hips still slamming against each other. Finally, they made their way into the bathroom. While Dom attacked Billy’s neck, he tried to turn on the shower. He opened the glass door and he got in first. Billy extended his hand to Dom. “C’mere.”

Dom took Billy's hand and stepped in the shower. He turned the valves and warm water came raining down on them. "Fuck Bills." Dom said licking water from Billy's chest. "You look so fucking good wet... so fucking edible."

“You look amazing wet too, my Dommie,” Billy breathed. He gently pushed Dom against the wet wall and kissed his way down Dom’s chest, taking one of his nipples into his mouth and sucked greedily. He did the same with the other. “I love this, love you.”

"Fuck Billy." Dom said pressing himself against the wall. "You're so good.. I love you Billy... I really do."

“I don’t doubt you, love, not one bit,” Billy breathes as he kissed Dom’s navel. He knelt in front of Dom and looked at him, and then Billy stuck out his tongue and carefully licked the tip of Dom’s hard cock. Seeing that it didn’t taste bad, he kissed the tip and took it into his mouth to suck it like a lollipop. “That alright?”

"Fuck yes." Dom said his eyes fluttering shut as he wrapped his fingers in Billy's hair. "Yeah, that’s most definitely alright."

Billy stroke Dom’s cock gently as he kept sucking the tip. He wanted to pleasure Dom as much as possible. He risked a little by taking more of Dom’s cock into his mouth. Billy chuckled as he heard Dom cry out. Billy hummed as he slowly sucked. His hands played with Dom’s balls and his other hand found Dom’s ass and his fingers played with his hole.

"Fuck." Dom groaned pulling at Billy's hair. "'re going to kill.... don't stop... Billy!" Dom cried out, trying not to thrust into Billy's mouth. Every second, he had to hold back. All he wanted was to fuck Billy's mouth until he came, hard.

Meanwhile, one of Billy’s fingers went inside Dom’s tight entrance, twisting his finger inside. Billy was giving Dom’s length small sucks, each time sucking harder and longer.

"Billy... Fuck... Gonna..." Dom said slamming his head against the wall and thrusting into Billy's mouth making him gag slightly. "Fuck.... Billy..."

“It’s okay, Dommie,” Billy licked his lips as he tasted Dom’s precum. Billy stroke Dom’s cock harder and faster. “Come, Dom. Shoot on my face,” he challenged.

"Billy!" Dom cried out thrusting forward once more, the pressure from his stomach releasing, his hot cum coming fast, and hard. He collapsed back against the wall watching as Billy licked his lips and wiped his face with his hand, and sucking gently on his finger. "Fuck." Dom whispered, grabbing Billy and pulling him to his feet.

Billy closed his eyes as he felt Dom’s cum hit his nose, cheek and mouth. He licked his lips and found that sperm doesn’t taste that bad. His thought were interrupted when Dom kissed him.

"You're amazing." Dom whispered into Billy's mouth. He could faintly taste himself on Billy tongue.

“I try to be, at least for you,” Billy replied cheekily. He laughed joyfully, hugging Dom tightly. “I’m still horny.”

"You don't have to try." Dom whispered reaching between them for Billy's cock. "Aye, that you are... I think... we need to take care of this little problem."

Billy closed his eyes and moaned. “Do anything… do everything.”

Dom nodded kissing his way down Billy's chest, biting down softly at Billy's nipple. He sucked gently until it rose into a tight peak. Moving over, he did the same to the other nipple. His hand was lose, but controlled, pulling gently, trailing his fingers over Billy's cock. "What do you want me to do?" Dom whispered his breath hot against Billy's chest.

“Let me fuck you,” the words came out of Billy’s mouth without warning. As he said it, his eyes went wide and looked at Dom’s expression. “We can do something else instead,” he said apologetically.

Dom moved up and pressed his lips against Billy's hard. "I would love for you to fuck me." He said meeting Billy's eyes. "But you have to be ready."

Billy’s breath came out in gasps. His hands caressed every inch of Dom’s body and he desperately met Dom’s eyes again. “Show me, I want to please you.”

"We... fuck." Dom said pressing himself against the shower wall. "We didn't bring condoms."

“Stay right here,” Billy kissed Dom quickly and left the shower to go to the bedroom to find the box of condoms on the floor. When he got inside the shower, he shivered and laughed. “We should get tested,” he said nervously.

"We should." Dom agreed pulling Billy to him and covering his mouth with his. "Okay... It's easy." Dom said opening the condom and moving to slip it over Billy's hard cock. He grabbed the nearest thing to him -conditioner- and opened the cap, pouring some onto his fingers. "This will act like lube." he told Billy and handed him the bottle. With his hand, he moved down to start preparing himself.

Billy eyed Dom hungrily and pushed his fingers away. “Let me do this.” Billy coated his fingers with conditioner and pulled a finger inside Dom’s ass. “Shite, you’re so tight… I don’t want to hurt you.”

"You won’t hurt me... I promise." Dom said pushing down on Billy's fingers and gripping his shoulder.

Billy inserted a second finger and worked them in and out of Dom’s ass. “Still tight… I bet you’re going to feel wonderful.”

"S'you feel wonderful." Dom replied, his eyes fluttering closed.

Billy kissed Dom’s shoulder. He inserted a third finger and heard Dom hiss and his head fell on Billy’s shoulder and chest. “Am I hurting you?”

"Fuck no." Dom replied kissing Billy's neck, sucking gently on his collar bone. "You're not hurting me at all... the exact opposite."

Billy hummed in appreciation. He kept finger fucking Dom with one hand and the other one went down his chest, pinched his nipples until he reached Dom’s half hard cock and stroke it for a while. “Eager, are we?”

"Fuck yeah." Dom said biting Billy's shoulder. "I want you to fuck me."

“I will, sweet Dom, I will,” Billy smiled and kissed Dom. “Which is better, you facing me or me behind you?”

"I want to see you." Dom replied meeting Billy's eyes. "I want you to look at me... I want you to see what you do to me."

“Lie down,” Billy commanded softly. Dom obeyed and he lay down on the wet floor opening his legs, inviting Billy. Billy knelt between them and inserted his fingers inside again, this time, they slipped in easily. “I want you so bad,” Billy breathed.

"I'm yours to take." Dom whispered pulling Billy down against him, moving his hands up and down Billy's slick back, feeling the water pounding down around them.

Billy chuckled as he leaned down and took Dom’s mouth in his in a heated kiss. Both felt water in their kiss but none minded. Billy slowly entered Dom and gasped. “Oh god, Dominic, you’re hot and tight and fuck…”

Dom moaned his response, pushing up his hips, feeling Billy inside of him. "Fuck." Dom whispered, exhaling heavily.

Billy raised himself on his elbows and looked at Dom as he began a slow rhythm. The only sounds were the water falling on top of them and their hard breathing and occasionally soft moans from both of them. Billy started to increase his speed but he was still gentle.

"Feels, so good." Dom said pushing his toes on the end of the tub to keep him from slipping down, and melting into a puddle. That’s how he felt... he felt complete. "Fuck Billy..."

“Your… back… Dominic,” Billy gasped worriedly. “You’ll end up sore, we can change positions… ride me.”

"You have no idea what that sounds like." Dom said closing his eyes, a smile on his face. "But what about your back?"

“I won’t have to lie down. I’ll sit down and lean back against the wall. You can be on top of me and hold on onto the bar there,” Billy was carefully pulling out of Dom’s body.

Dom moved around Billy nodding. "Alright." He whispered pressing his lips to Billy's as Billy slowly went down, leaning against the back. "Ready?" Dom asked, a new look and feeling flashing into his eyes. Slowly, he reached up to take the bar as he positioned himself over Billy. Billy nodded and Dom slid down on Billy before lifting up and slamming down.

“Fuck, Dom!” Billy cried out. One of his hands rubbed Dom’s thigh and the other one held Dom’s lower back. “I love this position,” Billy pulled Dom in for a kiss as they started to move again.

Dom laughed against Billy's mouth. "Me too." He whispered slamming down again, watching Billy's facial expressions. "You're so beautiful Bills."

Billy laughed breathlessly. “Oh, Dom, you’re gorgeous,” he said wrapping his hand around Dom’s cock. “And so hard for me, I love this.”

"Mhmm," Dom replied, slipping his tongue into Billy's mouth. Their kiss became wet and slippery, not controlled as Dom slammed down again, increasing his pace as Billy increased his on Dom's cock.

Billy moaned into Dom’s mouth. “So close, love. I’m so close. Come, Dom, come, come,” Billy bit Dom’s shoulder as he came hard.

The water on his back, Billy's teeth on his skin, and Billy's tremor beneath him had Dom screaming out Billy's name as he came hard and collapsed on top of Billy breathing hard.

Billy kissed the spot he bit and then his face. “I’m going to miss you when you leave… promise me we’ll talk to each other until we’re reunited again.”

"Fuck Billy... do you really think we wouldn't talk after this?" Dom asked kissing him gently. "I would be more than hurt if you didn't talk to me."

“Good,” Billy kissed Dom again. “Just making sure. Let’s get out of here, the water is getting cold,” he laughed.

Dom nodded and pulled Billy to his feet. He held Billy against him as he turned off the water and wrapped a towel around them. Dom brought them out into the bedroom and removed the towel, dropping it to the ground. He pulled up the coverlet, inviting Billy to join him. Pulling the blanket over them, he moved his arms around Billy's waist and laid his head against Billy's chest. "Billy..." Dom whispered.

“Yes, Dom?” Billy whispered back and kissed his forehead.

"Thank you." Dom whispered, tightening his grip for a moment smiling against Billy's skin. "For... everything."

Billy smiled. “It’s me that has to thank you for everything… you just took my breath away… all three times,” he giggled. They made small talk but soon sleep took over them and both fell asleep in each other’s arms, content and happy.
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