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Chapter 10

The sun was starting to rise, over the mountains that loomed over the fields of New Zealand. Dom smiled as he ran outside, comforter wrapped around his body. The colors of the sky were pink, and melting into blue. He felt calm, and secure. From behind him, an arm was slipped around his back, turning him slowly around. He smiled at Billy and opened up the blanket to envelope them both.

“Morning,” Dom said kissing Billy’s forehead.

“Morning, baby,” Billy said back pulling Dom towards him.

Dom opened his eyes and looked up at Billy’s face. He was still sleeping, and his arms were still wrapped around Dom’s back. Lifting up his head slowly, he looked over at the clock. 5:30 am. Smiling he kissed Billy’s lips.

“Billy.” He whispered. “Wake up, my love… I want you to come see something.”

Billy frowned and opened his eyes. “It’s early, Dom. Day off. Sleep. Definitely more sleep. I’ll shag you later, promise.” Nevertheless, he sat up. “What is it?”

“Come here.” Dom whispered taking Billy’s hands and slipping from underneath the covers. He turned to face Billy, pleading at him with his eyes. Billy sighed and crawled out of the bed to face Dom. Dom smiled and took the comforter from the bed. Wrapping it around his shoulders and Billy’s and he took Billy’s hand again and pulled open the curtains.

The sky was still dark, just barely turning purple and pink. Dom smiled and opened up the sliders. Pulling Billy out, he pulled Billy over to the bench and sat down.

“Sunrise,” Billy said, his voice still sounded sleepy. He laid his head on Dom’s shoulder and one of his hands found Dom’s and laced their fingers together. Billy brought their joined hands to his mouth and kissed the back of Dom’s hand. “I love the way you look when you wake up,” he offered.

Dom smiled and kissed Billy’s forehead. “I’m sure I look amazing.” Dom laughed and laid his head on Billy’s. “I want to keep this moment… forever. I never want to leave.” Dom whispered.

“We’ll have plenty of moments together. You just wait and see,” Billy whispered. Both were silent, watching the sunrise before them until Billy broke the silence. “Tell me when and how you started to have feelings for me.”

“Oh… well.” Dom said clearing his throat and knowing his cheeks were starting to redden. “I think… it was a kind of when I first saw you.” He said quietly. When Billy didn’t answer he continued. “When everyone was greeting me and then you just came out of the bathroom telling me you were to be my Pippin… I met your eyes and something just… went off. You have amazing eyes you know.”

“So if I were a right bastard or a serial killer, you would have liked my eyes anyway,” Billy joked. “I remember that day very well, I was nervous to meet you. I was afraid we wouldn’t get along because we’re Merry and Pippin, who were always together and you could tell they had a strong bond… best relationship ever.”

“I was scared shitless.” Dom said laughing. “For the same reason… I knew I had to get along with you really well because Merry and Pippin’s relationship needed to be shown. If you ask me, I think we get on quite well and also, I don’t think Peter intended on kissing cousins.” Dom laughed and kissed the top of Billy’s head.

“Merry and Pippin… cuddling by a tree at night… both sitting close to each other for warmth… touching… and then… they’d kiss and make love under the stars…” Billy huskily said. “People will never approve!” He laughed.

“Well I approve!” Dom said laughing and wrapping the blanket tighter around them. He pulled the blanket over their heads and crushed his lips to Billy’s.

Billy’s mouth opened immediately, inviting Dom’s tongue inside. His hand found Dom’s half hard cock and his thumb caressed the tip. “We need condoms… and it’s too early.”

“What time does the drug store open?” Dom asked, kissing Billy again and pulling their bodies closer.

“Soon, I think,” Billy said between kisses. “Maybe I should get dressed and go see.”

“Mmmm,” Dom said against Billy’s lips. “But… But clothes are so overrated.”

“I promise,” one kiss. “That I’ll be back,” another kiss. “Soon and we can stay naked all day,” another kiss. Billy disentangled himself from Dom and got dressed. “Be right back, love. Get comfortable,” he left the room and walked to the lobby and asked if the drugstore was open. He wanted to scream when he was told that it was. He ran to it and bought a case of condoms and three bottles of lubricant.

Billy hurried back to the room and entered. He found Dom on the bed, naked and hard. Billy gasped and dropped the things on the bed. “Undress me,” he commanded.

Dom smiled lazily and with his finger told Billy to come to the bed. Billy walked to the edge and Dom moved himself, pressing himself against Billy, as he got onto his knees. Slowly, he reached his hands up Billy’s shirt and pulled Billy down to the bed. Leaning over him Dom kissed him hard and them moved down to the first button.

“I missed you…” He whispered biting down on the first button of Billy’s shirt and using his tongue to push it underneath the fabric. “You took so long Bills.” He said moving to the second button. “And as you were gone…” He whispered looking up and meeting Billy’s eyes as he undid the third and then fourth button. “I had to sit here, and picture you lying beneath me.” He pulled back Billy’s shirt and Billy tore it off of his arms and threw it to the floor.

“I almost went crazy.” Dom said kissing Billy’s stomach. “Because you weren’t here… and I had all these dirty little thoughts.” Dom smirked and licked Billy’s navel, making Billy squirm beneath him. “But now you are here.” Dom said licking the skin underneath Billy’s belly button. “And… I can re live my…” Dom said placing his hands on Billy’s jeans. “Dirty.” He pulled at them hard, moving Billy closer to him about an inch. “Little.” He said moving his hands to the center of Billy’s jeans and popping the button with his thumbs. “Thoughts.” he whispered pulling Billy’s jeans and boxers down.

“You and that voice… that day that you jerked off and I heard you, I got really hard from just listening to you,” Billy confessed. “The way you called out my name… I wanted to finish you off. Billy closed his eyes as he felt Dom’s hands on his cock and balls. “Make love to me… fuck me… whatever thrills you,” Billy panted.

“I want to fuck you so hard, but not this time, Billy. No.” He whispered moving up to place a kiss to Billy’s lips. “No… this time, I don’t want it to just be that. I want you to feel it. I want you to feel me like I want to feel you. All of you.” He whispered into Billy’s ear before crawling backwards off of the bed and grabbing the box of condoms and lube from the floor.

“I want to feel you too, Dommie.” Billy smiled as Dom gathered the things and opened them. “How do you want me?”

“I want you to be comfortable… I want to see you under me,” Dom said pressing their lips together and taking the condom from Billy’s hands.

Billy nodded and closed his eyes as he took hold of his cock and moved his hand slowly up and down his shaft. He opened his eyes to see Dom coat his fingers with lube. Billy watched Dom silently.

Dom slid the condom on and wrapped his fingers around his length, spreading the lube. He then moved forward, leaning over Billy on his knees as he got more lube on his fingers. “This might feel a little… weird. Tell me if you want me to stop, alright?” Dom asked leaning to kiss Billy’s lips as his fingers found Billy’s entrance.

Billy held in his breath as Dom fingered his entrance. He broke the kiss and looked at Dom. “Slow, Dom. Slow,” Billy whispered. He shut his eyes and held his breath. “It feels a little strange,” he gasped.

“Tell me if you want me to stop…” Dom whispered pressing another finger in and stretching Billy. He ran across Billy’s prostate and smiled as Billy arched and moaned under him.

“Not on your life,” Billy moaned. “Oh fuck, yeah,” he whispered. Billy reached out and touched Dom’s face. He took Billy’s fingers into his mouth and sucked. Billy kept gasping and moaning. “More, more, more,” he chanted.

Dom slid one last finger in, still sucking Billy’s fingers gently. “You ready?” He whispered seductively, positioning himself in front of Billy. Billy nodded and Dom slowly slid his cock into Billy. He stopped and watched Billy’s face.

Billy nodded. “Keep going,” he said shakily. “Slow, go slow, you’re bigger than your fingers,” Billy laughed nervously.

Dom laughed and kissed Billy gently. “Of course.” He said moving out and then back in slowly. He locked eyes with Billy, making sure he was as comfortable as possible. He took one of Billy’s hands and intertwined their fingers.

Billy chuckled and moaned. Dom waited for Billy to adjust the new intrusion. Billy’s legs fell open and his feet massaged Dom’s calves and thighs. “You can move, Dommie.”

Dom nodded and obliged. He moved forward, every thrust increasing his pace. He leaned down, pressing his lips to Billy’s.

Billy held Dom tight. One of his hands grabbed Dom’s ass and pulled him closer, his other hand moved to grab his weeping cock and stroke it matching Dom’s strokes. “’S good, Dom. ‘S really good.

Dom increased his pace, replacing his hand on Billy’s cock for Billy’s hand. “Feels so good… feels so right,” he said, their hips slamming together.

Billy’s wrapped his legs tightly around Dom’s waist. He threw his head back and moaned loudly. “I’m so close, Dom. I’m gonna come,” he panted as he brouth their lips in a wet kiss.

“Fuck Billy.” Dom said breathing heavily against Billy’s neck and thrusting faster and harder. “Come for me Billy…. I want to see you come for me.”

“Yes, yes,” Billy chanted over and over as he came hard against Dom’s body. It was one of the most intense orgasms of his life. He collapsed on the bed and challenged. “Come on, Dom. Let go, come.”

“Fuck.” Dom said watching Billy’s face as he came all over his hand. He gave one more thrust before he was coming hard, screaming out Billy’s name.

Billy welcomed Dom in his arms as he collapsed on top of him. Billy hugged Dom and kissed the side of his head. “Best sex I’ve ever had, thank you,” Billy breathed.

"No problem." Dom breathed out kissing Billy's sweat slicked chest. He pulled the comforter up to clean their stomachs and pulled the sheets over them.

Billy laid his head on Dom’s shoulder and hugged him close. This whole situation felt right. He didn’t know if he was gay but he did wanted Dom and he was grateful that Dom wanted him back.

“I love you,” Dom said softly interrupting Billy’s thoughts. “I’ve loved you since I met you; I never thought you would reciprocate.”

Billy smiled and kissed Dom lightly. “I love you too, Dom. This means a lot to me because it’s you and…”

The phone rang cutting Billy off. He frowned. “That’s weird, I didn’t ask for a wake up call or whatever,” he said as he sat up to lay on the pillow beside Dom. He took the phone. “Hello?”

“Billy,” a female voice said. “It’s Ellen.”
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