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Chapter Nine

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Chapter 9

“I… uh… what if I did? After all, you and I came together; it makes sense, doesn’t it?” He laughed nervously. “I, um, I hope you don’t mind that I kissed you, that guy was irritating me so much!”

Dom didn’t reply. Instead he started into Billy’s eyes. “That’s not what I meant, Billy.” He said, barely being heard over the music around them. “I meant… you really felt that kiss didn’t you. That wasn’t just because he was pissing you off… was it?”

Billy sighed in frustration and looked at Dom. “It felt wrong seeing you with him, I asked politely and he was being difficult,” he said looking at his hands. I didn’t want you leaving with him and leaving me alone.

Dom tried not to smirk, for this wasn’t a laughing matter at all. He licked his lower lip, swearing he could still feel Billy pressed against them. Dom couldn’t no… wouldn’t let this go. “I don’t think that’s it. Billy… what would you do… if I told you I loved you?’
Billy looked up at Dom confused and shrugged his shoulders. He twisted his hands together. “I… would tell you, you were crazy.” He replied.

“Fair enough… what would you said if I said I thought you loved me back?” Dom asked meeting Billy’s eyes.

“I... I don’t know what you’re playing at Dom.” Billy said tearing his eyes away, a knotting coming into his stomach. He couldn’t look at Dom’s eyes. He didn’t love Dom, he knew that! He didn’t even like Dom that way! He just… You’re just attracted to him.

"What would you do if I kissed you again?” Dom whispered now standing close to Billy’s chair.

Billy swallowed hard. This was more difficult than he ever thought. “I can’t do this… not here. I just can’t… can we go back?” He stood up and walked backwards, away from Dom.

Dom sighed and slowly walked away from the table. He fell instep with Billy. Once Billy opened the door Dom quickly looked around. He wouldn’t let Billy run away from this. “Billy.” He said softly. Billy turned almost hesitantly and Dom shook his head. “Never mind.” He said and moved past Billy to Billy’s car. He got into the passenger side and waited as Billy started the ignition. They were silent for the rest of the ride. Dom kept looking over at Billy, trying to be subtle. He wanted to know what Billy was thinking. He wanted Billy to be thinking he same he was…

Billy pulled into his spot at the hotel’s parking lot and they both got out of the car quickly. Dom sighed as they got into the elevator and Billy searched his pockets for the key. He didn’t want it to be this awkward but it was going to be until the air was cleared. Dom needed to know. Please… Dom whispered. Billy found the key and they walked off to the door. Opening the door slowly, he let Dom in first.

Dom knew what he had to do. It could ruin everything, but at the moment, he didn’t care. He was hot, and sweaty. He was tired, and he didn’t want to play games. Billy closed the door and once he turned, Dom slammed himself against Billy’s body, which hit the door. Dom’s hands moved to Billy’s face and he pressed their lips together.

Billy froze. He never expected this to happen, yet he couldn’t bring himself to stop. He moved his head to the other side and put his hands on Dom’s shoulders. He gently pushed Dom back and saw the panicked _expression in his eyes. Billy smiled at Dom and traced his face with his fingers. “Alright there, Dom?” He asked raising one eyebrow.

Dom couldn’t answer. He couldn’t read anything that was going on behind Billy’s eyes and he knew Billy could see his panic… Did I just make... The biggest mistake… of my life? Dom asked himself. He froze, waiting for Billy to either slap him, walk away, kiss him… do anything!

“Obviously not,” Billy said softly. He cleared his throat and smiled. “At the club, I said I couldn’t allow you to kiss me,” he explained carefully. “Because I wanted us to be alone… like we are right now. Now, I’ll ask again… are you alright?”

Dom swallowed and stared at Billy. This isn’t what he expected. It was what he wanted but not what he expected. “I…” He started but found all he let out was a squeak. He was losing it.

“Come on, lad, let’s sit down,” Billy guided Dom to the bed and sat beside him. “You’re pale, Dom. Let me get you water,” Billy stood up and poured water into a glass; he sat down next to Dom (not to mention closer than before) and gave him the water. “Drink up, then we can talk.” Billy was more nervous than ever.

Dom took the glass and swallowed the whole thing in one gulp. He felt nervous but if Billy wanted to ‘talk’, he was all for it. “Okay.” He said, closing his eyes and feeling extremely stupid. All he had been able to say was noises and okay.

“I’ve never seen you this quiet before. We’ve had fights and all but you’ve never gone quiet,” Billy said softly. His fingers took hold of Dom’s chin and made him look at Billy. “I thought this is what you wanted?” He didn’t get his reply and sighed. Billy stood up and walked to the window.

Dom took a deep breath and stood slowly from the bed. He walked quietly to where Billy was and placed a hand on his shoulder. Billy turned around to face Dom and his mysterious smile. “It’s everything I’ve wanted… I didn’t know it was what you wanted.” He said softly.

“I didn’t know I wanted this,” Billy whispered. “Today, when I woke up and you were there, it made me realize that I do want it. It took me time to believe it.”

Dom nodded and looked down, a smile coming to his lips. “I’ve really, really missed you.” He said looking up to Billy’s face again. “And… I’m glad that guy made you jealous.”

Billy laughed out loud, easing the tension. He pushed Dom lightly. “I was close from killing him,” he giggled and stared at Dom.

Dom smiled back cheekily. “Well you know, he was quite a fine dancer.” He challenged raising his eyebrows at Billy.

Billy faked an offended look. “I resent that! I happen to be quite a spectacular dancer, thank you very much! You wanted to dance with me anyway.”

“I still do want to dance with you.” Dom said, taking a step forward and smiling again.
Billy smiled back. “I do too.” Billy decided that this was definitely the best decision he had made since agreeing to play Pippin. He closed the distance between them and gently pressed his lips to Dom’s.

Dom moved his hand to Billy’s back and pulled him closer. His body was pressed against Billy’s and he smiled against Billy’s lips as he felt a slight bulge in Billy’s jeans. He was more then confident Billy could fell him pressed against his leg.

Billy cupped Dom’s elbows. He teasingly licked Dom’s lips and suddenly he felt Dom’s tongue mingle with his own. He broke the kiss. “Never in my life I thought I’d be kissing you this way,” he said breathless.

“Do you want to stop?” Dom asked, not caring to hide the disappointment in his voice. Billy laughed shortly and shook his head. “Good.” Dom said pulling Billy’s lips back to his own and slowly taking a step back. Waiting for Billy to follow he took another step and then another before turning them around. Breaking away from Billy he slowly pressed on Billy’s shoulders making him sit onto the bed. Eyes never leaving Billy’s, Dom moved over him until he was resting over Billy.

Billy caressed Dom’s back as they were lost in each other’s eyes. “I’ve never done this before… with a man, that is.”

“We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, Bills.” Dom said softly, kissing Billy’s forehead gently. “We can do what ever you are comfortable doing.”

“Never in my life I would have thought of being with a man like this,” Billy placed his hand on the back of Dom’s neck. “The curious thing is that you’re different, I can’t explain it, but you are and you’re the one I’ve felt the most comfortable with. I trust you.”

“I trust you, too.” Dom said leaning down and pressing his lips lightly to Billy’s. Billy trusted him, and he was going to make sure Billy enjoyed every moment they were now spending together. He wanted this to be special for Billy, and he would make it so.

Billy wrapped his arms around Dom’s back and deepened the kiss. Dom was definitely a good kisser. He tasted like beer, Billy loved that. Billy moaned at the thought.

Dom moved his tongue into Billy’s mouth, running it up along the roof. He moved himself down do he was against Billy’s body and not leaning over him. Running one hand through Billy’s hair, he slowly moved his other one up Billy’s shirt. He moved slowly incase Billy wanted to stop. Billy didn’t pull away, so Dom broke their kiss for a second and pulled the shirt over Billy’s head and threw it to the floor. Moving his head down again, he met Billy’s lips in a fierce kiss.

Billy rolled them over until he was on top. He straddled Dom’s hips. He broke the kiss again and sat up to rub Dom’s chest. Billy pulled Dom to sit up and pulled Dom’s Beatles’ shirt over his head. Wrapping himself around Dom, Billy moved to attack Dom’s neck.

Dom moaned and threw his head to the side, allowing Billy more access to his neck. He moved his hands to Billy’s back and arched his body up as Billy’s teeth sunk lightly into his skin. He dug his fingers into Billy’s back. “Fuck!” He whispered loudly, his eyes fluttering shut.

Billy pulled back and whispered into Dom’s ear. “I can see that you’re loud… I’m going to enjoy listening to all the sounds you make, my Dommie,” Billy chuckled and bit Dom’s earlobe with his lips. His tongue traced Dom’s neck and later Billy gently sucked where the neck met the shoulder leaving a red mark. Billy kissed Dom’s cheek several times until his mouth landed on Dom’s, making their kiss wet and sloppy.

Dom groaned in Billy’s mouth and flipped them over again. Moving his body down quickly, he rubbed his erection against Billy’s, smiling as Billy arched upwards and at the sounds emitted from his lips. Dom’s tongue tangled with Billy’s and he clung to his back, feeling surprisingly complete.

“Dom,” Billy moaned as Dom kept pressing his hips against Billy’s. “Tell me how you want me,” he gasped as Dom licked his neck.

“Fuck Billy, I just want you!” Dom replied pressing his body down again then slipping a hand between their bodies to squeeze Billy’s jeans. “I want you to like this… I want you to tell me what you want.”

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Billy exhaled. “This is good, Dom… so good… I want to feel you, see you… touch you,” he said. Billy’s hand moved to squeeze Dom’s cock through his trousers. “Oh my God, Dom, you’re so hard.”

Dom kissed Billy hard and attacked the buttons of Billy’s jeans. He easily undid them and slid them off of Billy’s waist, pulling Billy’s boxers along with them. He pulled them down and almost teasingly, slowed to pull each leg off of Billy’s foot. He stopped to look at Billy, stretched out in front of him. “You’re so beautiful Bills.” Dom whispered moving up slowly again to kiss Billy’s lips, then his collar bone, then neck.

Billy also played with Dom’s buttons. They disentangled themselves until they were kneeling on the bed. Billy pulled down Dom’s pants until he was exposed. Billy held his breath as he watched Dom’s hard cock; he licked his lips and smiled at Dom. Billy laid back, and Dom laid on top, both gasping as their skin made contact. They kissed again for long minutes. Billy opened his legs and Dom fell in between, crashing their dicks together, making them both moan.

“Do you want to do this?” Dom asked, his breath ragged. He knew he wanted to, but he didn’t want to pressure Billy. “Are you ready?” He asked, eyes never leaving Billy’s.

Billy swallowed hard. “What are we going to do?”

Dom licked his lips slowly. Billy wasn’t ready for this. “What do you want to do?” Dom asked him.

“I’m just asking, Dom. I’d like to know what we’re going to do,” Billy kissed Dom’s lips quickly.

“We can do what ever you want to do. I just want to feel you, all of you.” Dom said kissing Billy again.

“Then feel me,” Billy challenged, biting his earlobe.

“I want… to feel inside of you.” Dom said trying to control himself as Billy bit harder.
Billy swallowed again and tensed. “Alright,” he said. “But we have to go slow.”

“Of course.” Dom said nodding. “Are you sure Billy? I want this to be because you want it. Not because I do.”

“I want you, Dom,” Billy honestly said. “I’m yours to do what you want.”

Dom smiled and kissed Billy softly. “I’ll go slow.” He whispered and crawled over to the end of the bed where his bag still rested on the floor. He searched through the bag and found a bottle of lubricant. “Billy…” He said softly. “Do you have any condoms? I didn’t bring any.”

Billy giggled. “If I knew I was going to get laid, I would have brought some.” He closed his eyes. “Maybe we can do other things, and later we can do that.”
Dom laughed and crawled back up the bed to lean over Billy. “Alright.” Dom smiled and pressed his lips to Billy’s. He moved his hand between then and ran his fingers down Billy’s stomach, and then leg, resting on his thigh.

“Mmm… more,” Billy moaned. He arched his back and exposed his throat to Dom. His hands searched any part of Dom’s body; he wanted to feel the younger man. “Touch me,” he whispered. “Touch me.”

Dom purred against Billy’s neck as he felt hands exploring his back. He licked Billy’s neck, up to his ear and then back down again. His hand moved slowly over until his fingers were wrapped around Billy’s cock. “Beautiful.” Dom whispered and covered Billy’s mouth with his own as he started to move his hand, pulling at Billy.

Billy gasped and moved his hips matching Dom’s movements. Billy’s hands ran down Dom’s back until he cupped Dom’s ass cheeks, pulling him to Billy. He opened his legs wider and forced Dom to lie on top of him. “Tell me your fantasy.”

Dom smiled and rotated his hips against Billy’s. His hand still keeping up a steady pace. “My fantasy?” Dom laughed shortly and kissed Billy again. “This is enough of a fantasy for me.” He whispered. “But, I’ve always… wanted to do something in the rain, or make love on the beach.” Dom said smiling again and feeling his cheeks redden and hoping Billy couldn’t see from the way the room was lit.

“Lovely,” Billy smiled as his hand searched Dom’s cock and squeezed it. He had never touched another man’s cock but Dom’s felt incredible under his small hand. “We have to get condoms and lube tomorrow, I want to do everything to you. Want you to do everything to me.”

Dom pushed down in Billy's hand and nodded. "We do, we really do." Dom said, running his fingers through Billy’s hair. He moved down to press his lips to Billy’s and slipped his tongue into Billy’s mouth. He squeezed Billy’s cock before letting it go. “I want to taste you.” He whispered.

Billy growled and nodded. He closed his eyes and tried to relax when he felt Dom kiss his way down Billy’s body. Billy giggled when he felt Dom’s tongue circle his navel. “Tickles,” he said. His eyes met Dom’s and saw pure lust. Now he was nervous.

Dom smiled up at Billy and placed a soft kiss under his belly button. He felt Billy’s cock hit under his chin and he licked his lips before moving down again to press a kiss to Billy’s tip. He licked around the tip, tasting Billy’s pre-cum before taking in as much of Billy as he could.

“Oh fuck, yes!” Billy screamed, closing his eyes and arching his back. Dom was definitely a natural. Billy’s hands held Dom’s head as he felt it bob up and down his now wet cock. Billy put his feet on the mattress and raised his hips to fuck Dom’s mouth. “So close, Dom, so close.”

Dom circled his tongue around and with one of his hands, squeezed Billy’s balls. “I want to see you come for me Billy.” Dom whispered, breath hot against Billy’s tip before he took up Billy’s prick in his mouth again.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Billy chanted over and over until he was coming hard inside Dom’s mouth. His hips were raised completely until he collapsed on the bed, still breathing hard. “Best blow job ever. You beat out Ellen,” he panted.

Dom licked his lips and moved up to lie beside Billy. Wrapping an arm around Billy’s waist he pulled himself close and kissed Billy’s neck. He laughed softly, “There’s a lot more I can do better then Ellen I bet.”

“You’re definitely a whole lot different than she ever was,” Billy laughed breathlessly. “I think I like this better,” he said convinced as his mouth captured Dom’s, kissing him and leaving him breathless. “Definitely better,” Billy whispered as his fingers wrapped around Dom’s still hard cock.

Dom moaned into Billy’s mouth and arched himself into Billy’s hand. He rolled onto his back, pulling Billy over on top of him. “I’m glad you like this better, because I sure as hell love this.”

I do too, Billy wanted to say but the words didn’t come out for some reason. He instead concentrated on giving Dom as much pleasure as possible. Billy supported himself on his elbow and looked at Dom’s face and focused on the sounds Dom made. “You sound so incredible.”

Dom let out his breath and gasped as he uncontrollably arched his hips up. “Fuck… so close Billy… don’t stop…” He said throwing his head back into the pillow. His hands clutched the sheets on either side of him.

“Let me see, let me see,” Billy chanted softly. “Let me see you come, come on,” Billy leaned down and licked Dom’s lips and moved his hand faster and harder.

“Billy.” Dom whispered capturing Billy’s lips with his own and then arching up. “Billy!” He screamed, his eyes fluttering shut as his cum went all over Billy’s hand and their stomachs.

Billy gently kissed Dom. “You look so good like this, all vulnerable and submissive… I love that,” he purred. Billy stood up and went to the bathroom to bring tissues to dry them off. Once both were clean, Billy lay beside Dom and smiled. “This was my first time with a bloke… not bad at all. I’m glad it was you.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Dom said pulling the cover up over him and Billy. He leant up and pressed a soft kiss to Billy’s lips as he slipped an arm around Billy’s waist. He snuggled up against Billy’s body and sighed contently. “This time.. I can actually hold you.” He said with a small laugh.

Billy chuckled and held Dom. “I know you’ve wanted to… I’ve known for a while,” he said kissing the top of his head.

Dom smiled against Billy’s chest. “Yeah.. Made it that obvious didn’t I.”

“You pretty much did, Dom,” Billy said. “Go to sleep, we have three days together, I want to enjoy you well.” And with that, they kissed goodnight, Dom on top of Billy. Billy stared at the ceiling, a soft smile on his lips… this was definitely the best thing he did after accepting to play the role of Pippin.

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