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Chapter Eight

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Billy was sitting on the couch reading a book. The he looked up to see Dom open the front door. Billy closed his book and put it on the coffee table. “I’ve been waiting for you,” he said huskily. Dom closed the door and walked to Billy. He opened his legs and whispered, “Kneel in front of me.”

Once Dom was between Billy’s legs, Billy traced Dom’s face with his fingers. His fingers traced Dom’s eyebrows, forehead, ears, cheeks and finally lips. Dom’s hands were placed on Billy’s thighs. “I’ve wanted you since the night you wanked, screaming my name; you made me so hard… so hard,” Billy gently said as he leaned in and stole Dom’s breath away with a kiss.

“I want to fuck you, Dom,” Billy said into Dom’s lips. “I want to slam my cock inside your tight arse and fuck you into the mattress.” Billy unzipped his pants, exposing his hard cock and took Dom’s hands and placed them on it. “Touch me, Dom, touch me like you’ve always wanted,” he moaned.

The alarm woke Billy up from his erotic dream. He was in the north island, filming Minas Tirith with Ian. It has been a week since his separation with Dom and he missed him terribly.

Why did he dream that?

“Dom? DOM!" Miranda yelled towards Dom decked out in his hobbit gear. They all had gotten the early call so they could start to shoot some of the scenes. "You okay?" She giggled as Dom appeared at her side.

"Yeah... I am good." He whispered nodding, not meeting her eyes. Miranda was the next best person to be spending every day with beside Billy. The only problem? She's not Billy... Dom moved slowly to where Peter was waiting to give them instructions.

"You okay Dom?" Peter asked pushing him lightly, a smile on his face.

"Tired." Dom replied forcing a smile and taking the script from Peter. I was never tired with Billy....

"Well, after tonight you all have 5 days off!" Peter said smiling and directing Miranda and Dom to a tent. He handed Dom the helmet and a sword.

“Earth to Billy,” Ian smiled at Billy and sat beside him. “You’re distracted.” Billy sighed. “Sorry,” Billy said. “I’m not myself today… I don’t know,” he shook his head.

“You were always in a great mood whenever you were with Dom,” Ian said knowingly. “Why don’t you call him? You haven’t spoken in a week, I’m sure you miss him.”

Billy sighed again. “I will,” he told Ian. Billy stood and started to walk. He thought of his dream with Dom, of how sexual it was. He had a sex dream with Dom… Billy had been thinking more about the younger man, he was so confused.

"Bye Miranda." Dom said giving the woman a hug. "You should come over sometime this weekend... I will make you dinner." He giggled and helped her put her bag into the car.

"You make me something? Can you actually cook?" She teased sticking out her tongue and getting into the car.

"Yes! I actually can!" Dom replied sticking up his nose and laughing. He looked back at Miranda and smiled softly.

"Call him Dom." She said closing the door and looking at him through the window. She started the car and blew a quick kiss to him. Dom followed the car with his eyes and shuffled his way to his own car.

Once in his hotel room, Billy sat on the bed and stared at the phone. He wanted to call Dom. He ached to hear Dom’s voice. He took the phone and dialed the familiar number and waited. No one answered. When he was about to hang up, he heard Dom’s voice.

“Dom,” Billy said.

"B...Billy?" Dom asked slowly, clutching to the phone as if his life depended on it.

Billy chuckled. “Of course it’s me, you daft wanker, who else? How are you?”

"Good!" Dom replied quickly smiling as he crawled back into his bed. It was still early once he got home but he had nothing better to do. "How are you?" He asked biting his lip. Horrible I hope... Dom thought then regretted it. He didn't want Billy to be horrible... he just... wanted Billy to miss him. Like Dom missed Billy.

“I’m fine,” Billy lied. He still felt strange about that dream. “How was your day?”

"Bloody fantastic." Dom said sarcastically. "It was just a long day." he corrected, not wanting to get into why the day sucked so much.

“Poor Dom,” Billy said softly. “Over here has been difficult too, Ian keeps me distracted with his stories,” he giggled.

Dom laughed and pulled the covers over his body. He took the pillow Billy had slept on over a week ago and curled up next to it, smelling the green apple of Billy's shampoo. "Well, I get to stay over here with Miranda all day." Dom said smiling.

He heard Billy laugh lightly. "Bills... I miss you." He said quietly after a moment of silence.

Billy closed his eyes and lay down. “I miss you too, Dom lad,” he whispered. “Am quite bored without you.”

"You know, they are looking at me funny when I try to get in trouble. I don't think Merry and Pippin should be separated for too long." Dom said laughing slightly.

Billy laughed. “I know, they’re like a couple, with the difference that they’re cousins. But you can tell how much they care for each other, how much they… love each other.” The last three words were said almost in whisper.

"Yeah you can." Dom said closing his eyes. "So, what kind of, uh, stories has Ian been telling you?" Dom said filling in the silence again.

“Naughty adventures when he was younger… Ian is pure evil,” Billy smiled. “Gotta love the man. Has Miranda been good to you?”

"Yeah she has." Dom said smiling softly. "She's quite the charmer when she wants to be, nothing compared to you though." Dom laughed lightly. "Hold on one second... another call." Dom said glad for the interruption. Barely waiting for an okay, Dom switched over the lines. "Hello?"

"Dommie? I've got a surprise for you." Liv's voice floated through the phone. Dom could hear Miranda laughing in the background. "I know that you've been a little down right now, honey and Miranda and I were talking. Merry really does need his Pippin."

"And..." Miranda said, taking the phone away from Liv. Dom smiled at Liv's protest and waited for Miranda to stop giggling and continue. "We got Peter to get you a plane so you can go fly out to see your Pippin!"

"Are you guys serious?" Dom said staring straight ahead, pressing the phone to his ear. "When?" He asked quickly, a smile spreading across his face.

"Tomorrow morning." Liv said smiling into the phone. "See you tomorrow. Love you!" She said hanging up the phone.

"Bills? I'm back." Dom said switching over and smiling. He decided not to tell Billy. Not yet.

“Right here, Dommie,” Billy smiled. He was caressing his belly. “Everything alright?”

"Yup!" Dom said, trying not to smile as much. He was going to see Billy. He was ecstatic! He ran his fingers through his hair and closed his eyes again. "It was just Liv and Miranda... wanting to do things tomorrow."

“Ah… you’ll be surrounded by women, that’s gonna be fun,” Billy chuckled. “Shite, I have to go… I’ll call you tomorrow?”

"Alright." Dom said nodding. "Later in the afternoon yeah?" He said sighing. He was going to see Billy tomorrow but he didn't want to hang up now. "Hopefully I can see you soon?"

“Definitely, I’d love to,” Billy breathed. “Then we can have fun again. I’ll call you tomorrow then. Take care, Dommie.”

"Night, Bills." Dom smiled and hung up the phone. Leaping out of the bed, he hurriedly started to pack. Throwing clothes into his bag he quickly called Liv again to find out what time the plane left. Setting his alarm for 7 am he climbed back into bed and pulled Billy's pillow close again.

Billy took off his pants rather quickly and let his legs fall to the sides. He took hold of his cock with one hand and worked himself very fast; his other hand squeezed his balls. Billy needed to come… badly. Thoughts of Dom’s moans from the other night came into his mind and also thought of Dom in his dream. “Yes, oh Dom!” He cried out as he came. “Dom,” he said over and over until his after shocks passed.

He lay in bed, cum on his belly, legs wide open, cock soft and forgotten. Billy just wanked because of Dom…

Dom slowly walked up the steps of towards the front desk. "Billy Boyd." He said to the receptionist.

"Room 567 Floor D." She replied smiling. "Would you like me to inform him that you are here?" She asked picking up the phone.

"No! No, thank you. It's a sort of… surprise." Dom said smiling. She nodded and motioned for a bell boy to grab Dom's suitcase. "Thanks." Dom said to the man as they reached Billy's room. He handed the man $20 and took the key card the receptionist gave him from his pocket. Slipping it into the door, he heard the soft click and slowly went into the room. The shades were closed and the room dark. Dom could see Billy sleeping peacefully in the middle of the queen sized bed. Smiling he pulled out his bag.

"Hello, my love." Dom whispered crawling over Billy's body and pressing a kiss to his lips.

"Dom," Billy whispered, rolling his hips up and smiling as he opened his eyes. The room was now lit with candles and flames danced among Dom's eyes. "I've missed you." He whispered wrapping a hand behind Dom's head and pulling him closer for another kiss.

"I've missed you too." Dom said back, before tangling his tongue with Billy's. He took Billy's lower lip between his teeth and gently pulled. "I need to be with you." He whispered. Billy smiled and pulled up the covers to let Dom climb in next to him. Dom removed his shirt and tossed it before he slid down next to Billy. He felt Billy's arms wrap around his back and pull him close.

"You're with me now." Billy whispered pressing a kiss to his forehead. Dom smiled and hugged Billy closer.

"I love you." He said.

The alarm sang out, making Dom's eyes flutter open. "I love you." He said to the ceiling, feeling a tear slip down his cheek. Another dream.

Billy walked to the sound stage as Pippin. His head was down and kept thinking over and over about Dom. He thought of Dom every minute… The last time I thought of someone like this was with Ellen… but I was in love with Ellen, I’m not in love with Dom, I just miss Dom! Billy was more confused than ever. He wasn’t gay; he’d never been attracted to a man before, this can’t be happening.

"Thanks, Liv. Tell Miranda thanks as well when she wakes up." Dom said giving Liv a hug before walking away from her door and back to his car.

"Bye, Dommie." Liv said blowing him a kiss and watching as his car pulled away. She closed the door smiling and turned to see Miranda standing with a smug grin on her face. "Think it will happen?" She asked Liv. Liv shrugged and rolled her eyes. Anything was now possible.

Dom read the directions on the map quest Liv had printed out for him and found himself at the airport. He parked his car and locked it up. Going inside he got his ticket stamped and luggage tagged and then moved to wait for the plane to start loading people on. Once he was on the plane he looked out the window, unable to wipe the smile from his face. He was going to see Billy.

“Cut!” Barrie Osbourne yelled. Billy was covered in sweat and he was starting to get tired and moody. Billy never got moody but today he felt like being moody. He sat in of the chairs, hoping that filming for the day was over.

“Billy,” Barrie said as he sat beside Billy. “You’re done for today, and for three days,” he smiled at Billy. “What do you mean?” Billy asked puzzled. “You’re off for three days, go rest; come back Monday, get it?”

Billy frowned. “What’s the reason?” Barrie sighed, “no reason, just go, alright?” Billy stood up and smiled at Barrie. “Thanks, mate.”

Dom got off of the plane and excitedly hailed a taxi. He called Liv to tell her he had arrived safely and he was getting in the cab.

"Alright sweetie, Billy might now be there yet though. He had to film today. I called the hotel and they know you are going to be looking for him."

"Thanks, Liv. Talk to you later." Dom said hanging up. He directed the Taxi driver where to go and sat back to look at where they were going. It was a fairly short ride and as Dom stepped out of the taxi and approached the hotel, butterflies rose into his stomach, threatening to pull him away. Sighing a goofy sigh, he grabbed his suit case and walked to the front desk. "I, ah, I am here for Billy Boyd?" He said nervously.

"Here you are." The woman said handing him a key card. "Room 544 Floor B. I can call up if you would like?"

"No, thanks." Dom said picking up his bag and walking as fast as he could to the elevator. Every second he was down here, was a second wasted when he could be with Billy. Punching the B button on the elevator he couldn't believe how impatient he was being.

Billy had been asleep for half hour. When he got in, he just threw his stuff to the floor and collapsed on the bed. He was facing the bathroom and giving his back to the door.

Walking to the door, Dom took out the key and slid it slowly into the lock. Opening the door, he could feel his stomach in his throat. The shades were closed and the room was dark. Billy was sleeping soundly on the bed. Dom bit down on his lower lip and looked up at the ceiling. Placing the bag on the floor carefully he walked over to the bed. "Wake up, my love." He whispered leaning down slowly, to press a soft, cautious, kiss to Billy's forehead. Pulling back quickly he saw Billy stir and a smile grace his lips.

Billy opened his eyes to find Dom smiling down at him. “Dom?” Billy asked frowning. He sat up and turned on the lamp. “What are you doing here?” He chuckled.

"Surprise?" Dom whispered smiling at Billy and twisting his hands in a knot. He couldn’t tell if Billy was happy to see him or not… “I… uh had some time off and I thought I would come and see you… if you are busy then I can just…” He trailed off and looked away.

Billy laughed and pulled Dom into a hug. “Don’t be daft, Dom-lad. I’m so glad to see you. You just surprised me, I never thought you’d come all this way,” Billy pulled back and moved to lean against the pillows, gesturing Dom to do the same. “So, for how long will you stay?”

Dom crawled over Billy and rested against the pillows beside Billy. “I am here for about a week. Five days but then I have to get back to filming.” Dom replied smiling and looking over at Billy. It had been almost a month since they had last seen each other and as Dom’s eyes met Billy’s he found it hard to pull away.

Billy smiled at Dom. “Five days, you say? It so happens I have three days off. I’m free until Monday,” Billy said softly, lifting his eyebrows. He was still lost in Dom’s eyes until he closed them and looked away. “Are you staying here with me?”

“Unless you don’t want me too… I can probably get the room over…” Dom said shrugging and trying not to smile. Billy’s sharp intake of breath told him Billy wanted him to stay in here. It had really been too long.

“I… I could use some company, that is if you want,” Billy said shyly. He felt his face burn.

“Alright good.” Dom said smiling and noticing color come rushing to Billy’s cheeks. “You didn’t have a choice anyways. You think I would come here and then stay in the other room? I don’t think so!”

“Guess I’m stuck with you!” Billy laughed nervously. Calm down, Boyd! He cleared his throat. “Uh, I have to ehm…” He pointed the bathroom. “I’ll be right back. Make yourself comfortable, it’s good to see you again,” Billy smiled at Dom and went to the bathroom.

Once the door was closed, he turned on the faucet and washed his face. Billy saw himself on the mirror and took several deep breaths. He’s here… he’s fucking here… Billy felt cold and nervous. He was getting excited to have Dom with him. He’s mine for five days. He smiled.

Dom sighed and pulled the covers up. Kicking off his shoes, he pulled the covers around him, burying his nose into Billy’s pillow. He inhaled deeply and when he heard the bathroom open again, he pulled away from Billy’s pillow and smiled cheekily in the direction Billy was coming from.

“You said get comfy.” He said sticking out his tongue.

“I sure did,” Billy laughed. We’re going to be sleeping on the same bed… We’re going to be sleeping on the same bed… He sat on the bed and laid next to Dom but over the covers. “What do you want to do?”

“It’s all up to you.” Dom replied feeling a small pang of remorse when Billy laid on top of the covers. Billy’s leg was pressed against his body, making up for the lack of under-the-covers.

Billy raised his eyebrows. “Well… we could go clubbing if you like. Since none of us is working tomorrow, we might as well take advantage of our sudden freedom, don’t you think, Dommie?”

"That would be a lot of fun!” Dom said throwing the covers up and running over to his bags. “And,” He said laughing at himself. He was acting like a little kid at Christmas time now, “I got this really nice Beatles shirt…”

“Wow,” Billy said as Dom showed him the shirt. “Neat shirt you got there, lad.” He got up and went to the closet to get some clothes. “Let’s get ready.”

“Okay…” Dom said pulling his shirt over his head and tossing the new shirt to the edge of the bed. He pulled his bag from the floor and started rummaging through it for a nicer pair of jeans. “What are you going to wear?” He asked unfolding a pair and holding it against his body.

Billy was too distracted, looking at Dom change shirts. “Uh… black shirt, plain blue jeans, black shoes?” Calm down, Boyd!

“Alright…” Dom said fixing this shirt and then moving to unbutton his jeans. “You might want to turn around.” Dom laughed remembering he had jumped up so quickly he just pulled on jeans, shirt and socks. Nothing else.

“Sorry,” Billy turned around and went to the bathroom and closed the door. He started to change and noticed that he was hard. He couldn’t take care of himself with Dom out there. He ignored his cock and pulled on his pants.

Dom slipped on his shoes and quickly sprayed a couple squirts of cologne under his shirt. Swiping the air with his arm he crossed the room and waited for Billy to come out. “Ready?” He asked as Billy opened up the door.

“Yes,” Billy said as calmed as possible. They left the room and headed downstairs to the lobby. Billy asked the front desk where they could find a club and the bellboy told them that “Planet Mall” was the new hip place. They said their thank you and got in a cab.

“I haven’t gone clubbing in such a long time! Last time I think… it was Peter’s birthday and we took him to that place down town.” Dom said laughing at the memory. Peter and his wife ended up leaving early, finding the atmosphere being not what they wanted.

Billy giggled at the memory. “But we stayed up until 4 am, I think; they even had to kick us out because they wanted to close!” They arrived at the new place and both got inside. The music was loud, people dancing everywhere. “Let’s got get a drink,” Billy said into Dom’s ear.

“Alright.” Dom whispered, a shiver going up his spine. Billy couldn’t hear him so he grabbed lightly onto Billy’s arm so they wouldn’t lose one another. Following Billy to the last seats at the bar, they sat down and waited for the bar tender to come over.

“Two beers,” he told the bartender. Once he was gone, Billy settled on the stool and turned to Dom. “This place looks great! You like it?”

“I do!” Dom said smiling and looking out at the dance floor. He nodded his head toward a couple of girls that were looking over at them and giggling. He felt a pang of jealousy as Billy’s eyes lit up but he tried to ignore it. “They’re looking at you.” He winked.

Billy smiled at the girls and nudged Dom without looking at him. “Come on, mate. Let’s go, they’re looking at us both.” Billy stood up and walked to the girls, Dom close behind him. “Wanna dance?” He asked the two girls, who giggled more.

“Guess so.” Dom said quietly as one of the girls moved close to him and started to sway her hips to the music. Dom fell into the beat and matched her sways. Behind him Billy and the second girl were dancing as well. The song changed to a faster paced song and Dom placed a hand on the girl’s hip.

Billy and the girl danced, both laughing. Billy was having a good time with her and she was cute to him. Their dance was interrupted when someone carried a drink and bumped into her, spilling the drink all over her front. She screamed and Billy jumped back. She pulled her friend from Dom and ran from the crowded dance floor, leaving Dom and Billy alone. Billy laughed and waved at Dom. “Wanna dance?” He asked in his best girl voice.

Dom laughed and shrugged his shoulders. “Why not?” He asked laughing again and taking a step forward. Inside his head was reeling.

Billy laughed and moved closer to dance with Dom. Billy concentrated on the music and closed his eyes and let himself go. What he didn’t realize was that he and Dom were moving closer to each other, until their chests touched. Billy opened his eyes to find Dom looking at him. He took his opportunity and placed his hands on Dom’s hips and guided him.

Dom held his breath and took a chance. His eyes never leaving Billy’s, he placed his hand on Billy’s hips and moved himself forward, pressing his leg between Billy’s legs, a small smirk on his face.

Billy gasped softly. He wants to play. Billy started to make round movements, his hips moving with Dom’s. He stepped forward and his thigh was between Dom’s. Both glued to each other, they danced trying to follow the music, both finding it difficult. Billy’s breath came in gasps.

Dom bit down on his lips, a soft moan slipping from his lips. He moved against Billy faster and held onto his hip tighter then he had been before. He laid his head gently on Billy’s shoulder trying to control his breathing.

Billy held Dom tighter, he rub Dom’s back up and down. He was now thrusting forward gently. He buried his face on Dom’s neck and breathed in. Before they knew what was happening, the music ended and the DJ changed to disco music. Billy pulled back, never losing his hold on Dom. “Alright there, Dom?”

Dom nodded not trusting himself to speak. Billy’s forehead glistened lightly, and a small line of sweat ran across his upper lip. Dom licked his own lips and bit down on his tongue to control the urge he had to pull Billy’s lips to his. They didn’t need that now. “I’m… good.” Dom said shifting onto his other foot, his eyes growing wide as he became aware of the tightness inside of his jeans. shit, shit shit!

Billy cleared his throat, he nodded and smiled at Dom. “Good to hear… good to hear,” he turned around and headed back to their little spot by the bar to try to calm down. Dom felt amazing in his arms; he felt their bodies fit incredibly well… Billy loved that.

Dom started to follow Billy but froze as the DJ put on another song. “Billy!” Dom said unable to stop himself. Just walk to the bar Dom… just sit! “We have to dance to this song!” Dom said tugging at Billy’s hand. “I used to listen to this all the time back in England!” Dom bit his tongue, waiting for Billy to answer. Billy smiled and nodded and let Dom pull him back to the floor. Dom smiled and placed his hands back on Billy’s hips. Quickly, they met the fast pace of the music and were once again moving against each other. Dom, who had been looking straight into Billy’s eyes, now looked away, afraid his eyes would betray to Billy everything he was feeling at this moment. Billy’s arms around his back, the music pulsing through his body, Billy’s skin against his skin, Billy’s sweat mixing with his own.

Billy tried to dance with Dom but he was starting to find it very hard since they were practically stuck to each other. His hands rubbed Dom’s back; it was very warm and moist from the place and the dancing itself. Billy was also getting very hard; he couldn’t let Dom feel that! He slowly pulled away and looked at Dom. “I’m feeling a little weird, I’m gonna go to the loo,” and just like that he turned around and walked away.

Dom cursed under his breath. Billy was feeling weird... probably because your prick was rubbing into his leg! Dom sighed and was about to walk back over to the bar when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning around a man, maybe a year or so older, then he smiled.

“I saw you’re partner left; want to finish the song with me?” He asked shrugging his shoulders. Dom looked towards the loo one more time then back at them man. What did he have to lose? There was no point in standing here looking like an idiot, or going to sit down in his favorite song.

“Alright.” Dom smiled and took up the space between him and the man. He felt hands on his hips, pulling him closer, and all Dom could think about was how he wished this man was Billy. Closing his eyes, he focused on the music.

Billy splashed water on his face, and then he locked himself in one of the stalls. He sat on the toilet and took several deep breaths. He was more confused than ever. I’m attracted to him… what do I do?

Minutes passed and Billy left the bathroom, feeling better. He searched for Dom and what he saw shocked him. Dom was attached to another guy, both of them clinging to each other, their movements extremely sexual. Billy felt incredibly jealous.

He walked towards them and touched the stranger’s shoulder. “May I cut in?” He asked. The other man looked at Dom and snorted. “You left, and besides… finders keepers.” He turned around and took Dom’s hand. Billy pulled the guy’s shoulder. “He’s with me.”

Dom held his breath as he saw the man release his hips and turn to face Billy. “He’s with you is he?” The man asked, mock laughter in his voice. “He willingly decided to dance with me because you left him. You think he was just going to stand there?” The man asked, smirk on his face. Dom looked away, not meeting Billy’s eyes which he knew were looking at him. “All I want is to finish this dance and if your friend here wants, maybe another dance.” And with that, the man turned around again to face Dom.

“I…” Dom said then stopped. He shrugged to Billy, not knowing exactly what to do and again, the man’s hands were on his hips.

Billy gritted his teeth. “I said… he’s with me, meaning he’s my partner for the night, got it? Now. Get. Lost,” Billy stepped beside Dom and took his hand to pull him away but the other man grabbed Billy’s arm a little rough. “Let go.”

“Billy!” Dom said, concern flooding into his voice. Looking up at the man, Dom realized how tall he actually was. He wouldn’t want to get into any type of argument with this man and he did not want Billy to get into one. “Let go of Billy!” He said to the guy pulling at the man.

“He’s not with you. I don’t see you dating do I? If you aren’t dating, there is nothing saying I can’t dance with him.” The man said glaring at Billy.

Billy pushed the guy. “He’s with ME, meaning he’s mine,” he hissed. At the same time, he turned around and held Dom’s face with both hands. He stared at Dom with determination and felt good with his next decision. Billy leaned in and kissed Dom in front of the man. It was a quick kiss, but Dom’s lips were printed on his. “Like I said, he’s mine!” Billy Grabbed Dom’s arm and pulled him from the dance floor.

Dom allowed himself to be pulled back to the table. He lifted his fingertips to brush at his lips. Billy released his hand and sat hard into the stool, not meeting Dom’s eyes. Dom sat more slowly and never left Billy’s downcast face. After a pause, he whispered, “You really meant that… didn’t you?”

Billy looked up from the floor and met his eyes.

To be Continued...
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