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Chapter Seven

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Billy was slowly opening his eyes; he saw a closet that wasn’t his. For a moment, Billy forgot about the events of the night before, and that’s when realization struck him. He was in Dom’s bed and he was holding Billy like a lifeline. Dom was breathing into Billy’s neck, sending shivers all over his body.

Billy saw that Dom’s arm was wrapped around his waist and that their fingers were laced together. Billy swallowed hard and tried to move but Dom held him tighter. Billy shut his eyes as he felt Dom’s insistent erection poke his bum. He waited a few more seconds and tried to move but the same thing happened and Billy found himself growing hard. Fucking traitor! He told his cock in silence.

Dom smiled softly as he felt Billy’s warm body pressed against him. He snuggled closer to Billy’s back and tightened his grip slightly. He couldn’t believe they had finally gotten this way. They were finally together. Smiling again, the screaming of the alarm beside the bed shook him into full consciousness. He and Billy weren’t together. Sitting up fast, Dom slammed his fist on the alarm and moved respectably over to his side of the bed, hoping Billy hadn’t been awake as his body, and extremely hard cock, was pressed up against his body.

Billy stay lay on his side, eyes wide. He thought Dom would find out, good thing he didn’t. He also thank the heavens that the room was still dark, they had feet in an hour. Billy turned around and saw Dom on his back. “Morning, Dom,” he whispered. His voice would betray him if he didn’t whisper.

Dom placed his hands in his lap, trying to cover any tenting of the sheets and he smiled back. “Morning, Billy. Did you sleep well?” He asked quietly.

“Mmmhmm!” Billy nodded; the covers were raised to his stomach. “I did, how did you sleep? Are you feeling any better?”

“Yeah I am… thanks.” Dom smiled and turned quickly so his back was to Billy. He pretended to stretch as he stood and walked awkwardly glad the shirt he chose was longer then his others. “You can get into the shower if you want, I will make us breakfast.”

“Right-o,” Billy sat up as Dom left the room. She slowly shook his head. Why was Billy rock hard? This wasn’t a regular morning wood, where he wasn’t this hard. He stood up and stumbled into the bathroom and closed the door.

Hot water fell all over his body. Eyes closed, and concentrated on how the water felt. Then he started to hear in his mind Dom’s moans last night, the way he cried out Billy’s name. Billy’s hand involuntarily started to move down his stomach and slowly wrapped his short fingers around his aching cock, pulling for a minute. He gasped loudly and bit his other fist.

Then he thought of how Dom was pressed against his back and how his hard cock felt on his cleft. This last thought made him jerk off faster. He slammed his back against the wall and came almost violently, his come all over the wet wall, whispering Dom’s name.

After he calmed down, Billy got scared of what just had happened.

Dom heard the shower go on and immediately thought of Billy standing underneath the spray. The water trailing down his back, slicking his skin. Billy reacting to the water, probably starting to touch himself as Dom stood there. Cursing under his breath as he felt his cock react to the thoughts, he quickly went back into his room to the closet where he kept hand towels.

Grabbing a small one he quickly closed the door and froze as he heard a soft sound over the spray. He moved closer to the bathroom door and heard Billy's moans. Billy was wanking. Inside his shower. Almost racing out of the room, Dom ran into the living room, his fingers working quickly on the ties of his sweats. Slamming against the wall he slid his hand into his pants and wrapped his fingers around his cock.

Pulling out his strokes quickly, he moved fast not wanting to be caught in this position again.

Pressing against the wall, Billy's name rolled from his lips. He heard the shower shift off and he quickly cleaned himself up. Sliding into the kitchen, yanking up his sweats as he went, he chucked the towel underneath the sink and whipped open the fridge for eggs and a package of ham.

Billy got dressed and went to look for Dom in the kitchen who was cooking. “Ah, I see you’re making your omelets, I love your omelets, Dom,” Billy sat on a stool and looked around. “Fuck, I can’t wait to have a holiday.”

"Me either! We have a long weekend soon don't we?" Dom asked flipping the eggs and hoping his cheeks weren't still flushed.

Billy nodded. “In two weeks,” he smiled at Dom. He was giving his back to Billy and he took the opportunity to stare at Dom’s back. Billy noticed that Dom had a lean back, elegant and his neck looked smooth and… he shook his head and looked at the lamp in the living room.

"Here you go." Dom smiled sliding Billy's plate in front of him. He returned to the stove and fixed his own plate. Sliding into the seat across from Billy he smiled and quickly shoveled a bite into his mouth. Billy followed suit and Dom glanced up to watch Billy chew. His eyes fluttered shut and a smile graced his beautiful lips. Beautiful... Dom thought watching Billy lick a piece off egg that was on his lip away.

“Mmmm…” Billy moaned while he ate. “I’m never going to get bored from this,” he winked at Dom and then looked at his watch. “We gotta get going, Dom.”

"Yeah you're right." Dom said, looking above Billy's head to the clock hanging there. "Let me go get dressed." Dom shoved the last bite of egg into his mouth and placed his plate into the sink. He went into the bed room and pulled on jeans and a black t-shirt. Opening the door, he saw Billy stretching, his stomach being exposed. Shutting his eyes Dom shook his head. Today's going to be a long day.

They were on their way to the makeup trailer and Billy saw that Dom was very quiet. He thought that maybe Dom was still upset about the wanking incident but Billy was afraid to mention it again, still… he was worried. “Alright there, Dom?”

"Uh, yeah! Fine." Dom said smiling and looking quickly up at Billy. I would be better if you pinned me up against this wall.... He thought looking away quickly. He couldn't do this much longer. One look from Billy made his insides burn up. Friendly look or not. Every touch, every word, every moment he spent in Billy's presence made Dom feel in a way he never had before. Not even with John.

Inside the makeup trailer, they were getting their feet done. Billy’s was done first. He went into the other trailer to get his Pippin wig and clothes. Once he was transformed into Pippin, he went into the other trailer to check on Dom, who was sitting on the chair, waiting for his wig.

Billy stood behind him and looked at him through the mirror. “Would you like a perm?” Billy asked in his best girl voice.

Dom giggled and moved his head to look in the mirror. "Do you really think it would suit me?" He asked, raising his voice to the same pitch as Billy's. Billy laughed and shook his head. "No, I don't think it would either." He laughed wrinkling his nose.

“You’re ugly as Merry with that wig, I rather have you handsome as yourself,” Billy winked at Dom. Am I flirting? He shook his head and lay both hands on Dom’s shoulders and made eye contact through the mirror, he smiled gently. “I’m getting myself a cup of coffee, want one?” He whispered.

"Yeah." Dom said swallowing hard. He... he just... shaking his head he stopped and looked away from Billy's eyes in the mirror. He couldn't think anything that wasn't true!

Billy carefully walked to where the coffee was and got himself and Dom coffee. Cream and two sugars… I think, he thought of how Dom liked his coffee. He patted back. When he got there, he saw that Dom was having his wig on. He looked at Billy and grinned. Billy handed him the cup and sat on a chair beside Dom. “God, you’re ugly!” He teased.

"Wanker." Dom said then immediately stopped laughing. He took the coffee and bit his lower lip. You're the wanker too, dumbass.

Billy giggled while taking a sip. That I am… At that moment, Peter entered the trailer. “Hello, guys,” he smiled. Billy and Dom said their hello. “Today we’re shooting Merry and Pippin’s parting, I trust you learned the lines?”

Billy nodded. “We have, Peter. We’ll be right out.”

Dom nodded to Peter and felt the last piece of his heart break free. After today, he and Billy would only be seeing each other on breaks and weekends if that! Dom looked down at his script re-writes. MERRY try crying, very emotional Won’t be a problem.

“Cut!” Peter yelled. “That was perfect, you guys, perfect. You’re done for the scene.” Billy smiled at Peter as he got off the horse and wiped his tears. “That was good!” Billy said doing his best Pippin voice.

"Yeah." Dom replied nodding. "Do we have to do it again?" Dom asked looking at Peter.

"We need a close up of you two walking alongside each other and then we can go to lunch." Peter said pushing them back to the start of the hill.

"Ready?" Dom asked Billy shaking his face and wiping his eyes.

"Ready." Billy said standing beside Dom.

"Action!" Was shouted and they started to walk.

"Where are we going?" Billy asked moving his feet as fast as he could to catch up to Dom. "Merry?"

"Why did you look? Why do you always have to look?!" Dom fired out spinning his head around. Billy replied, "I don't know... I can't help it!", his face confused and sad. "You never can...." Dom almost whispered.

"I'm sorry alright!" Billy said stopping. Dom turned to look at him, trying his best to keep a straight face. He couldn't cry too quickly. "I won't do it again!"

"Don't you understand? The enemy thinks you have the ring! He's going to be looking for you Pip. They have to get you out of here." Dom said walking into the barn, Billy at his heels.

"And y-you're coming with me?" Billy whispered, his voice cracking. "Merry?"

"Come on!" Dom said turning again and biting down on his lip. Billy was too good of an actor. He was going to start to cry... he knew he was going to. It was going to be over. All over! It was going to be the end! He wouldn't see Billy anymore because after last night, Billy wouldn't want to see him. Billy was happy, no more dealing with Dom! "Here something for the road." Dom croacked handing the small pouch up to Billy who was now sitting on a horse.

"The last of the longbottom leaf?" He whispered looking at the leather and placing it on his lap.

"I know you've run out. You smoke too much Pip." Dom replied forcing a smile.

"But we'll see each other soon...." Billy asked looking down at Dom. This was their last day together. He wouldn't see Dom anymore... not after his reaction to the incident yesterday! "Won't we?" Billy whispered. Won't we?! He screamed in his head, tears coming to his eyes. You can't leave me now Dom... not now...

"I... I don't know." Dom said, seeing the tears at Billy's eyes and feeling them form in his own. I don't fucking know! "I don't know what’s going to happen...." Dom said and for once, didn't feel like Merry. He felt like Dom. Standing there in a goofy costume. Talking to a man who would never love him. Never notice him the way he wanted him to. A tear rolled down his cheek. Ian McKellen whispered his lines to the camera and then the horse took off. Billy screaming 'Merry!' and Dom replying with 'Pippin!'

"Dom...." Billy whispered once the horse was out of the view of the camera. He watched as they stopped the cameras and instructed Dom to run up the small tower. He knew Dom's lines. He's followed me everywhere, since before we were tweens. I would get him in the worst sort of trouble. Billy let another tear slip down his cheek before he slid off the horse. He tried to smile at Ian and was met with a sly smile.

"It will all make sense in the end." Ian smiled patting his shoulder. Billy looked confused and shook his head. Why am I feeling this way?

Chapter Eight

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