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Billy closed the door and leaned against him. “Dom said my name! Oh my God!” He thought out loud. He paced around and panicked more. He came with my name on his lips! What does this mean!? His thoughts were interrupted when Dom opened the door.

“I brought the Thai.” Dom said walking into the kitchen and putting the bag onto the table, his mouth full of the apple. “Do you want me to heat it up now?”

Billy stood there, looking at Dom with wide eyes. “We can heat it up if you want,” his voice sounded deep. “Did you have a nice shower?”

“Did I have a nice shower?” Dom asked moving around the counter and to the living room. “Bills, you okay?” Dom asked looking at Billy standing there, eyes wide.

“Yes, I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be fine?” He laughed nervously. “I was just asking a question, since you told me you were going to have a shower, I just wanted to know because I had one too!”

Dom started blankly at Billy and then something clicked. “You... fuck.” He said, feeling his face burn up. Billy had probably come over earlier. His hair was dry, meaning he had showered right when he got home. “Shite.” Dom said backing out of the living room and then running for the door. He opened it and ran back across the lawns to his house. Going inside, he slammed the door and leaned against it. “Fuck.”

Billy still stood there and then realized that Dom had actually disappeared. He rant to Dom’s house and used his key. He got inside and saw Dom sit on the couch with his hands on his head. “Dom,” he whispered. He slowly moved to where Dom was and sat beside him, making sure they didn’t touch. “Dom.”

“No.” Dom said shaking his head and moving away from Billy. Billy had heard him… possibly seen him and he hadn’t noticed. It was all in the open now.

“Dommie, come on. Please talk to me,” Billy pleaded from the couch. “Do you want me to leave?”

“You’re going to anyways. So yes.” Dom said trying not to let his tears fall when Billy was still beside him. He fucked up and he knew it.

“I wish you could talk to me,” he said softly. “I want you to trust me, I… I don’t know how to react on this… I, uh…” Billy turned around and left Dom’s house.

Dom looked up and watched as Billy left his house. He couldn’t stop the thought that came flooding to his mind. He walked out of the house… and probably out of his life. Dom let the tears fall, the sobs rack his shoulders. Curling into a ball, he cried his self to sleep.

Billy was still up and thought about Dom wanking. He didn’t see him but the sounds Dom made him hard. He wasn’t aware of this little fact. Dom once told him that Billy ran from everything and he was right… Billy did run away from everything. Stop being such a coward, you fuck.

Billy left his house; he didn’t care what time it was, he just had to clear things with Dom. He was going to tell Dom that mistakes happen and that Billy was straight and flattered that Dom fancied him. Inside Dom’s house, Billy found him on the couch. He turned on a lamp and saw Dom’s tear marks. He knelt beside the sleeping body and gently shook him. “Dommie, wake up, lad.”

Dom turned over, feeling someone pulling at him. Knowing it was Billy, he pretended he was still sleep. “Didn’t… mean…” he whispered rolling over again facing the back of the couch, hoping in the end Billy would leave. He didn’t want to face him. He already knew what would happen. “Oh Dom, I am flattered but I am straight you gay loser. Oh really? I am sorry Billy can we go back to normal? Oh yes Dom I would love that! And then they would never talk again.

“Come on, I’m getting you to bed,” Billy tried to pull Dom in a sitting position. “You’ve had a rough day, let’s go, I’ll help you.”

“No." Dom said shaking his head violently as Billy pulled him up. "Why don't you just say it?" He asked coldly. "Why don't you just say you’re fucking flattered or that you find it nice but don't feel that way. And then why don't you tell me we can put it behind us and promise me things will not change. And then you can piss off, only talk to me when we do our lines, and then leave forever. I'm used to it. You can just walk away right now. I already know." Dom said pulling away from Billy and leaving him at the couch. "I'm fucking sorry, okay?" He whispered, tears coming to his eyes. "I really didn't want to lose you." He whispered turning around and walking to his bed room. He closed the door and jumped onto his bed. Playing with the pillow he listened carefully.

Billy was not going to let this pass easily. He walked in Dom’s room, opening the door. “You’re not going to leave me in the middle of a discussion ever again!” He shouted. He sat down beside Dom, grabbed his shoulders and forced him to look at Billy. “Yes, I’m flattered, I never expected you to like and old fart like myself, I’m touched that you like me. But you’re fucking wrong about me leaving you and stop being your friend. I’m not like the others who leave friends like this; you’ve got it all wrong!” Billy embraced Dom. “You’re not going to lose me, Dominic, I won’t allow it.”

“That’s what they ALL fucking said!” Dom screamed trying to pull away from him. “They all came after me after I walked away. They all talked to me countless times and they are all gone. All of them! And I don’t care…” Dom said letting the tears fall as he finally managed to wrestle away from Billy. Meeting his eyes, he started to cry harder. “And I don’t care about them. You… you were different. You fucking cared. You were there. You… You… fuck.” Dom whispered curling his knees to his chest.

Billy was now crying too. “I care, I still do!” He wrestled with Dom to make him sit. “Just sit up, dammit!” Billy forced Dom to sit. “Just listen to me!” He yelled louder, scaring Dom. “You’re my friend, friends are not supposed to turn their backs to each other. And I meant every word I said, you’re my friend and you won’t lose me, I won’t allow it, mark my words on that,” he said normally, voice shaking.

"They all left Billy. All of them... just gone." Dom whispered crying harder and trying to wipe the tears from his eyes. "And I always mess up... and I always like the wrong people... and even fucking John ended up leaving! And I thought he was... I don't wanna lose you Billy. I don't... I'm scared." Dom whispered.

“You daft wanker,” Billy hugged Dom again and rocked him gently. “You are my most precious friend; you’ve no idea what you mean to me. The last thing I want is for us to fight and to stop being friends,” Billy pulled back to look at Dom, who was still crying. Billy held Dom’s face and wiped the tears. “I’ve never met anyone like you. Your should shines, you’re incredible, I treasure our friendship,” he smiled. “You’re not losing me, not even the slightest bit.”

Dom clung to Billy’s shirt, afraid to speak. Part of him wanted Billy to do exactly what he had feared… leave. Now Dom only found himself wanting Billy more. He was exactly what Dom needed. Someone strong, but not too strong. Someone that understood him, and someone he understood. Someone who cared. Someone who was there. But he wasn’t gay. Sighing and biting down on his lip, he buried his head in Billy’s shoulder.

Billy rubbed Dom’s back in circles, whispering words of comfort for his friend. Billy wasn’t going to allow Dom end their intense friendship. Billy wanted Dom to trust him completely. He actually loved the younger man in his own way, but it was the way friends loved each other.

“Stay here, Dommie, I’m bringing you some tissues and water. Don’t you go anywhere.”

Dom nodded hugged his knees to his chest again. He held his breath, wondering if Billy had left or if he would actually come back.

Billy went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. He drank it all in one gulp and poured more for Dom. He wiped his tears and took several paper towels for Dom. He walked quickly to Dom’s room to find him staring at Billy. He sat next to Dom. “Here’s your water, drink up, it’ll make you feel better.”

Dom dared to sigh, a sigh of relief as he took the water and drained in one gulp. "Thanks." He whispered taking the paper towels and wiping at his face. He probably looked like shit.

Billy nodded. “You’re welcome,” he smiled at Dom sweetly. “I don’t want to leave you tonight, can I stay with you?”

Dom nodded and quickly blew his nose. "Yeah, you can." He replied getting up to throw the napkins away.

Billy remained seated on the bed and waited to see what Dom was going to do next. He saw that Dom went into the bathroom to wash his face. Billy waited.

When Dom was done he walked back out and sat on the bed facing Billy. "I'm sorry." He said quietly. "For... freaking out."

Billy waved away the apology. “You were entitled to, I’m sorry for acting so weird too… so sorry.”

Dom snorted and looked away. "You acted better than the rest." He muttered. "So where do you want to sleep? You can sleep in here if you want to and I can go on the couch."

Billy shook his head. “I’ll go to the couch, this is your house,” he looked into Dom’s eyes. “Are you okay?”

"Yeah." Dom said then shook his head. "No I am not letting you sleep on the couch. It's not the greatest. You can sleep in here, it's fine."

“And I’m letting you sleep on it either. It made hell on your back once. We’re sleeping here in your bed if you don’t mind, or I can go home if it’s too weird, whatever you want, Dommie.”

"No... You’ve already gone running around... let me get you something to sleep in." Dom sighed, to tired and upset to think that Billy. Was. Sleeping. In. His. Bed. With. Him.

“Thanks,” Billy said quietly, his eyes were on Dom the whole time. He felt better but Dom moaning and breathing loudly were still printed in his mind.

"Here." Dom said tossing him some sweats and a t-shirt. "You can use the bathroom." Dom forced a smile and then turned back to get out more sweats for himself.

Billy went to the bathroom and closed the door. He looked at himself in the mirror. He looked like absolute hell, but he didn’t care anymore. He changed, taking his time, the whole time quiet.

Dom changed and walked out into the kitchen. It was only 9 o'clock and as much as he was tired, he was also bloody hungry. He opened the fridge and pulled out two microwaveable dinners. Shrugging, he popped them both into the microwave. When they were done, Dom returned to his room where Billy was sitting on the bed quietly. "Chicken or Spaghetti?" Dom asked.

“Chicken,” Billy answered. Dom gave him the meal and sat beside Billy to eat. “Hmm… these microwavable meals aren’t that bad… I’m buying these the next time I go grocery shopping.”

Dom smiled and took another bite. "I think I live off these." Dom said with a giggle.

Billy giggled back. Soon Billy forgot about the whole incident. “Hmm… this is so good, Dommie,” he said with his mouth full. “You have to try this,” Billy held the fork for Dom to take a bite of the chicken with vegetables.

Dom hesitated and then took a bite. "It is good." Dom agreed. He picked up some spaghetti and let Billy take it from his fork.

Billy giggled as he took a bite and giggled more when a noodle was hanging from Billy’s mouth. He looked down and pushed it in with his finger. “Mmmhmm!” He nodded.

"Excuse me. Have to pee." Dom said quickly jumping up from the bed and almost running to the bathroom. He was glad Billy was forgetting but it would hit him again. Get it under control! He told himself harshly. What was he going to do?

Billy grabbed the plastic plates and went to the kitchen to throw them into the garbage can. He returned to Dom’s room and saw that Dom was still in the bathroom. So Billy sat down and turned on the TV and lay on the bed.

Taking a deep breath Dom kicked the toilet flushed with his foot and opened the door. Pasting a smile on his face he got onto the bed and looked at the television. I shouldn't have eaten.... Now, he was wide awake. So was his mind and so was his body. Shit

Billy smiled amused when Dom got in the bed. “Television is pure shite right now.”

"Yeah it is." He nodded and faked a yawn. "Do we have to go in tomorrow?”

Billy nodded. “Unfortunately, yes we do. Did you set the alarm at four? Fuck, I hate getting up so fucking early.”

"Yeah I did. Me too!" Dom shook his head and yawned as he grabbed the blanket and got underneath.

Billy did the same and lay on his side, facing Dom. “Are we okay, then? You and me?” He asked softly.

"I think so..." Dom said softly meeting Billy's eyes. "What do you think?"

Billy nodded smiling. “I think we’re okay. I don’t ever fight with you again, Dommie. I hate when we fight and cry.”

Dom nodded and bit his lower lip. "Me too Bills."

“Good,” he lay down and closed his eyes, still facing Dom.

Dom lay down too, looking at Billy as he slowly started to drift to sleep. Dom lifted a hand and timidly ran it down Billy's check. "Sleep well, my love." Dom whispered.
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