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Chapter Five

It’s been a month since the kiss and it was forgotten… in Billy’s case, that is. The funny thing is that Billy and Dom have gotten closer and closer with each passing day. Sure, they’d go to clubs with Elijah, Orli and Sean (whenever he was available) but they became Dom and Billy or Billy and Dom.

Billy got over Ellen. She wrote two more time that month, begging Billy to take her back since Michael kicked her out of his house. One night, she called Billy, telling him that she was booking a flight to New Zealand, that she wanted him back. Billy told her that it was over. Dom was with Billy all that time.

Dom has become very important to Billy. So important that he had to check on the younger man everyday to see how he was. They were together all day long when they began to film the Treebeard scenes, they got used to each other.

“I can’t believe they are leaving us up here again.” Dom whined as he unbuckled the straps that kept him into the chair and climbed up the branches to sit next to Billy. On the third day they were there, they found that one of the branches formed bench and every day they were in the tree for lunch, Dom climbed up to sit there.

Billy moved to make Dom room for him to sit. “My balls are starting to shrink, I swear,” he whined too. “I’m very thankful the moment we climb down this fucking tree,” he looked at Dom settling down. They made eye contact and smiled. “At least the company is worth the stay,” Billy said softly.

Dom smiled back and nodded. “Agreed, and agreed. We’re never going to be able to have sex again!” Dom cried in a dramatic voice. “That would suck.” He said in all seriousness.

Billy snorted. “It’s not like we’re going to anyway! Look how busy we are! We don’t have time to meet people! Liv would be nice but I’m afraid of her dad!” He laughed.

Dom laughed, throwing his head back. "Yeah... he would castrate you. Though... then you wouldn't have to worry..." Dom said laughing still. But that would be the worse thing...

“I happen to like my bits, kind sir,” Billy replied indignantly. “No, I could never date Liv. She’s like a sister to me.”

“True… can you imagine… dating, Liv, Miranda, or Kate?” Dom asked pausing to think about it. “I don’t think I could date any of them! Elijah or Orlando either… but that you don’t have to worry about.” Dom laughed.

“Good to know, Dom lad! Good to know!” Billy laughed with Dom. “I just had a word with Peter before. It seems that I have to go with Ian to film the Gondor scenes as soon as we’re done with Treebeard,” Billy said carefully.

"Yeah?" Dom asked, trying to keep the smile on his face. The truth was... ever part of him inside was breaking. Once this was over... he wouldn't be with Billy every day. And they were already tired as it was when they went home! If you don't get the scene right, you'll have to redo it. Messing up his lines would get his ass kicked but anything to be with Billy.

“Yeah,” Billy said looking at his hands. “It’s for a month, that is if we don’t screw up,” he chuckled. “I guess you’ll be doing the Rohan scenes. But, bah,” Billy waved at Dom. “You’ll have fun with Viggo, Orli, John and Beanie. You won’t miss me.”

“You crazy wanker. Of course I am going to miss you! So fucking much Bills.” Dom said quietly placing a hand on Billy shoulder. I don’t want you to go anywhere… ever. “I want things to stay like this.”

“I’m going to miss you too, Dommie,” Billy smiled at Dom. Billy called him Dommie when they were alone. At first it felt strange saying it, but Dom didn’t react in a bad way so Billy kept saying it. “I sometimes wish filming could go on forever.”

"Me too." Dom said looking down. "Bills, we are still neighbors you know." Dom said looking up. "We have weekends and everything..."

“You’re right, this is just temporary, we still have plenty of time together,” he tried to comfort himself and Dom.

Dom sighed and opened his mouth about to say something as Peter came into the studio.

“Ready Boys?” He called up to the tree as the rest of the crew came flooding in. As ready as I’ll ever be… Dom thought taking one last look at Billy before reluctantly climbing back down to his seat.

Two hours have passed and Dom kept screwing up his lines, much to Peter’s frustration. Billy kept looking at Dom, wondering why Dom would screw up his lines repeatedly.

“We’re taking a ten-minute break people!” Peter sighed in frustration. “Billy, put some sense in Dom, if you please.”

As soon as they were alone, Billy saw that Dom sat beside him again, Billy frowned. “Dom, what’s going on?”

“Nothing.” Dom said looking away then sighing. “I’m fucking stupid.”

“Fucking stupid? Don’t give me that. We’re never going to end filming today, Dommie. Now, tell me, what’s wrong?” Billy asked softly.

“I don’t want to end filming…” Dom whispered. “And the only way… is to make it last longer… and I know Peter is getting pissed but… I don’t want to stop Billy.”

Billy smiled and sighed. “You daft, daft, daft man,” he said placing his hand on Dom’s shoulder. “You think I want to stop? We’ve still got a whole year.”

"Sorry." Dom laughed looking away. "Stupid.. like I said."

Billy laughed and Peter entered the studio again. “Alright people, let’s try to make this last scene right, then we all can go home!” He looked up at Dom. “Are you ready, Dom?”

"Yeah... sorry Pete." Dom said feeling Billy squeeze his shoulder before climbing back up to his seat. If only you knew...

An hour later, they were in their trailer getting their hobbit feet off. “Good thing we finished soon,” Billy said. “I was starting to feel crazy up in that stupid tree.” He looked at his watch and saw that it wasn’t so late. “Wanna come to my flat? Hang out?”

“Yeah that would be cool. I have some left over Thai from the other day… want me to bring that over?” Dom asked, wincing as the paintbrush they were using to get the feet off stabbed him.

“Yeah, sure.” Billy saw that Dom wasn’t okay. He usually was happy and making silly comments. Tonight, he wasn’t himself. Billy was going to ask Dom all about it tonight.

Dom smiled softly and remained quiet for the rest of the time unless someone asked him a question. “Alright… I’ll be right out.” Dom said to Billy going into the changing room to get out of his costume.

Billy was sitting in his car. He saw Dom walk to his car and smiled when Dom sat down. “Ready then? I’ll drop you off at your flat and you can come later with the food.”

“Alright.” Dom agreed. “I might be taking a shower too so count on… half hour maybe?” Dom said looking at Billy. He unrolled the window, letting the air rush in. It was a warm day for the most part and Dom looked over. Biting his lip, he watched as the wind tugged at Billy’s loose shirt and pulled it to his skin.

“Sounds good to me. I might take a shower too, I feel hot and dirty,” Billy huskily said. He drove in silence until he reached Dom’s house. “See you half hour, don’t be late, you wanker!”

"Uh huh." Dom nodded and went quickly into his house. Billy's voice came over in his head again. 'I feel hot and dirty!' "Oh fuck." Dom whispered feeling his jeans starting to tighten. And he was over there... right now... getting into the shower. Getting wet, and probably wanking...

Billy frowned as he saw Dom run into his house. He’s weird tonight, what’s wrong with him! Billy drove to his house and went inside for a very needed shower.

“Fuck… fuck fuck.” Dom said licking his lips as he pictured the water running over Billy’s back, rolling down his face and his chest. How the water would make him hard and how his hands would travel over his body. Dom closed his eyes and leaned against the wall, slowly he slipped a hand into his pants, feeling himself react to the touch. Oh how he wished Billy was doing this to him.

Billy, slowly unbuttoning his pants, pressing a hot, tongue tangling kiss to his lips. Dom would wrap his fingers into Billy’s hair, pulling him closer, maybe Billy would emit a small mewl as Dom ran his tongue over the roof of Billy’s mouth. He could almost feel Billy’s hand running slowly down Dom’s chest… resting just below his belly button, teasing him.

“Oh fuck Billy.” Dom said his head hitting back against the wall. He would deepen the kiss as Billy would slowly wrap his fingers around Dom’s aching cock. And slowly… as if teasing him he would move. He would move slowly at first, teasing Dom and then Dom would pull him closer. His hands would dance across his back. And Billy’s pace would increase.

“Fuck… yes…” Dom said pressing against the wall, wriggling his jeans away from his hips. “Fuck… feels so good…” Dom said picturing Billy moving faster and faster… his thumb running over Dom’s sensitive tip. Dom arched into his own hand, feeling the pressure build up.

Billy finished in the bathroom and went to the living room. He noticed that all of his movies were at Dom’s. “Fuck,” he cursed under his breath. He went to his bedroom to get the spare key of Dom’s house and perhaps wait for him to finish getting ready.

Billy was standing in Dom’s front door; he tried to get the key out of his pocket. “Oh fuck Billy.” Billy froze for a second. Did Dom know he was there? “Fuck… yes…” That’s when he heard the thump. “Fuck… feels so good…” Billy kept listening quietly, eyes widened.

Dom, breathing hard, quickly increased the pace, his other hand moving down to cup his balls. With one last thought of Billy, licking a trail up his neck and running his thumb over Dom’s tip, Dom came.

“Billy!” Dom screamed head hitting backwards on the wall as his knees gave out and he slid down the wall to the floor. Kicking his jeans from his ankles, he wiped his hands on them. He would throw them in the wash.

Dom wanked. Not only he heard his mate during a sexual and very private moment but Billy heard his name when Dom climaxed. Soon, he heard silence and Billy was still standing like an idiot, with his mouth open. He turned around and ran to his house. “Fuck,” he hissed over and over.

Dom stripped his body from the rest of his clothes and dropped them in the hamper on his way to the bathroom. Turning on the water, he made it cooler then usually and hopped in. He washed himself reasonably quick and then hopped out, towel drying his body before selecting a pair of faded jeans and a Beatles Tee. Grabbing the leftover Thai and an apple. Dom Bit into the apple and started on his way to Billy’s house.
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