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Chapter Three

The dark shadow came moving across the room, coming toward him. Opening his eyes, he felt a small prickle of panic. The body took another step and fell gently to one knee beside the bed. Rolling on his side, he searched the shadow’s eyes which were illuminated from the moonlight, for anything. The shadow smiled and its arm reached up to cup his face.

“Dom.” He whispered huskily before crushing their lips together and pushing Dom back onto the bed. Moving his body gently over Dom’s body and Dom heard himself gasp as he felt the man’s arousal hot against his thigh.

“Billy…” He whispered running his arms around Billy’s back, feeling his own body react. Billy replied by prying Dom’s mouth open with his tongue, before capturing Dom’s tongue between his teeth.

“Dom… I want you.” Billy whispered hotly into Dom’s mouth. “I want to feel you beneath me.” Billy whispered running his hands up Dom’s shirt.

The alarm went off making Dom jump up and slammed his fist down on the clock. He lay down and threw an arm around his head as he shut his eyes. “Fuck…” he swore, knowing the image wasn’t going to come back. Rolling out of bed he looked down at his tented boxers. “Fuck.” He said again, running a hand through his hair and walking to the window. Looking out he smiled as he saw Billy running out to the mailbox, pulling the bathrobe closer around him.

Dom got his own house two weeks ago and ever since then, he had woken up the same way. Aching. Panting. And in dire need of a cold shower. Sighing, Dom turned away from the window and went quickly into the bathroom.

Getting dressed, he grabbed a bowl of cereal and waited in the living room for Billy to arrive.

Billy closed the door and shivered, it was a cold morning. He was grateful that they had the day off because of the bad weather. It was going to rain a lot and it would not be good for filming.

He was checking his email when he saw a letter from Emily. Billy had given it to her the moment he bought the house. He never expected a letter from her. He anxiously sat on the couch and opened the letter.

I want to tell you that I’m glad that you’re doing this movie. It was bad of me to ask you to turn it down, you did the right thing. I hope this movie is a success, I know you’ve wanted it for a while, it’s just a shame that we can’t be together anymore because I was very much in love with you and I thought you were the one and I cherished the two years we were together.

The other reason why I’m writing is because I’ve met someone. His name is Michael and he’s a professional chef. I met him a week after you left and we got along well. I moved in with him last week. I’m very happy with him and we’re very much in love. So I’m living in his house. So I’m over you, Billy.

I want you to meet a girl and get over me as well; it’s time for us to move on. I already did.

The letter fell from Billy’s hands and he started to weep.

Putting the bowl and spoon into the sink, Dom slipped on his shoes and put his jacket around his shoulders. Billy should’ve been there almost 10 minutes ago. With another glance at the calendar, making sure they did actually have shooting today he stepped out of his house and jogged the little ways down the street to Billy’s house. Pushing open the door gently he called into the house.

“Billy? You here?” He closed the door and made his way across the hall. He stopped short as he passed the door way to the living room and saw Billy hunched over, head resting against his hand, the other one frantically wiping his cheeks. “Aww, shite Bills!” Dom said quietly and with one quick motion he was on the floor beside the couch, an arm around Billy shoulders.

Billy turned his head to look somewhere else except Dom. “I’m fine, Dom. Really. I um, I forgot about going to your flat, got a little distracted,” he laughed bitterly. Billy saw that Dom lifted the letter from the floor and closed his eyes. “Uh, Ellen wrote.”

Dom scanned the letter quickly, tightening his grip on Billy’s shoulders as he read the words; it’s time for us to move on. I already did. Pushing the letter away Dom moved into Billy’s vision and moved his chin with his hand until their eyes met. “Are you alright?” Dom asked searching the pools of green staring back at him.

A mountain of fury started bubbling up in his stomach. That woman had the best thing and from Billy’s reaction from her words, she could’ve had anything. It made him livid to think she had thrown it all away over this once in a lifetime project.

Billy shrugged. “I’m just glad we didn’t have to shoot today,” his voice broken. “I’m not replying to her, I don’t want to. I don’t want to know how she’s doing or to hear about him, especially that.” Billy wrinkled the letter and threw it in the fire place. “Fuck it.”

Dom nodded and stayed quiet, not wanting to upset his friend. He looked up, seeing Billy’s eyes still swimming with unshed tears, looking at the carpet and avoiding Dom. “It really is her loss, Bills.” Dom said shifting from his knees onto his ass. “For her to give up on you and her… she can’t get any better than you.”

Billy looked at Dom and smiled slightly. “Thank you,” he whispered. “Come on, let’s go have breakfast at your flat, I won’t let this ruin our day off.”

Dom smiled and stood up. Still keeping an arm around Billy they walked to the front door. “You haven’t had my omelets yet.” Dom smiled winking at Billy and opening the door. “They might just be bloody orgasmic.”

Billy laughed. “Orgasmic?” He asked as his arm went around Dom’s waist. He locked the front door and walked with Dom. “I just realized that I’m going to your flat wearing just my bathrobe!” He stepped back. Go to your flat, I’ll get changed and I’ll be there really quick!” Billy ran to his house to get dressed.

Dom laughed to himself and shook his head. Shuffling his feet, he walked slowly back to his house. Once inside, he got out the eggs, cheese, peppers, ham, and other random things he could find. He was chopping up some more vegetables when Billy walked into the kitchen. “Hey, you look nice.” Dom smiled looking at Billy’s jeans and light green top. And with that shirt… your eyes look amazing. Dom thought smiling. He met Billy’s face and bit his lower lip. shit He had said it aloud.

Billy looked down and placed a hand on his chest, and then his eyes met Dom’s. “Thank you, Dom,” Billy said, his eyes twinkling with amusement. “You’re looking good yourself, but that black shirt don’t match your eyes, sadly… need any help?”

Dom chuckled and looked down at the food in front of him. “Naw, unless you want to make coffee?” He asked shrugging as he poured the eggs into the pan and put the filling ingredients on top of it.

Sure,” Billy replied. He got the coffee running and he moved to sit on the counter, looking around. “You got the house nice, Dom.”

“You think?” Dom asked looking around the kitchen as the egg started to sizzle. “I guess coming late pays off!” He turned to wink at Billy and paused. Billy was looking away out the window, his legs swinging slightly. “Uh… You like peppers? And onions right?” He asked tearing his eyes away.

“All of it sounds good,” Billy got down and stood beside Dom. “You’re a wonderful cook, Dom. All you’ve done is cook for me in the past month,” he giggled.

Dom giggled back. “Trying to fatten my Pippin up.” He said winking and flipping the egg onto a plate and making up the second one. “So what do you want to do later?”

“Oi! Peter will have your ass if you get me fat!” Billy laughed. “Maybe we could go drive around and look for places to visit, after all, this is New Zealand!”

“True!” Dom said slipping the second egg onto a second plate. He handed a plate to Billy and pulled out a drawer for the forks. Nodding his head to the side they walked over into the dining area and sat down at the wooden table. Dom nodded to Billy and cut a corner of the omelet

Billy chewed and closed his eyes and moaned. “Mmmmm….” He opened his eyes and nodded. “Genius, this is the best omelet ever.”

Dom nodded and couldn’t help the way he licked his lips. “I… I am really glad you like it.” Dom said smiling and forcing another bite into his mouth.

Whenever Billy ate, he’d moaned in delight. “The pepper gives it a great flavor… you’re right, Dom, this is orgasmic, I feel like I’m having one right now,” Billy said.

Dom squeaked, biting down on his tongue and tried to convert it into a laugh. "Yeah... told you it was good!" Dom said nodding and taking a gulp of the coffee letting it burn down his throat. WHAT was he doing?!

Billy finished his meal and drank his coffee, moaning too. “I make great coffee!” He grinned at Dom and stood up to put the dishes in the sink to wash them and then placed them in the dish washer.

Dom forced a smile and pushed his chair in. Billy’s moans were still echoing inside of his head. Fuck Monaghan. Calm the fuck down. “So you wanker, wanna go sight seeing?” He said hoping his voice hadn’t cracked like it did inside of his head.

Billy looked over his shoulder at Dom and smiled. “Aye, give me your dishes to set them up here, let me brush my teeth and I’m yours for the day,” he said as he picked up Dom’s dishes. “Go brush your teeth.”

Dom handed Billy the plates and scampered off to the bathroom. Leaning back against the door he closed his eyes. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Not this time. Not again. Billy was becoming his best mate and that’s all he needed. All he wanted. All I want is him… Dom thought bitterly as he hit his head back against the door. Queer eye for the straight guy. He sighed and moved to the sink. He had to stop this now. He wouldn’t let it happen all over again. Today was going to be a long day.

Billy jumped when he heard a bang in the bathroom. He finished and went to the bathroom and knocked. “You okay in there, Dom lad?” When he heard Dom say that he was fine, Billy smiled. “I’m going to my house and brush my teeth, I’ll pick you up in ten minutes, be ready, you daft!” He said cheerfully, leaving Dom’s house and headed to his own.

Dom peaked his head out of the bathroom door to watch Billy walk away. Closing the door again he quickly brushed his teeth and ruffled up his hair. Looking over his reflection once more, he grabbed his jacket and walked to the front porch. He leaned against the railing and breathed in the air. Leaves were falling all around them. October already. Billy pulled up and honked at him. Dom shook his head and ran down the stairs and in hopped into the car.

“What were you thinking there? You seemed distracted,” Billy asked gently. “You alright?” He drove away.

"Uhh yeah." Dom replied smiling and pushing on the radio. "Just... thinking about random things."

Billy smiled shaking his head. He took a left turn and made his way to the freeway and see where he’d go. “You wanna talk about it?” He asked a while later.

“It’s just how much time has passed and yeah, it feels like a long time but not. It feels normal almost, yeah? Like… I’ve known you a couple months but it seems like so much longer. I like it.” Dom said smiling. And how much I think I am falling for you… and it’s killing me. He thought surprising himself. Billy didn’t really mean that much… did he?

“I feel the same way, it’s like we were meant to be friends. And it does feel like I’ve known you for years instead of weeks, it’s amazing,” Billy said overwhelmed. He was really grateful to have Dom as his friend. He had been there for Billy whenever he felt bad, especially with the whole Ellen thing.

“We just click.” Dom smiled winking at Billy. Sighing softly he leaned back against the chair and looked back out his window. Resting his head against the side of the window Dom slowly felt his eyes close and heard the music of the radio fade away.

”Have you been bad?” Billy whispered hotly into Dom’s ear as he leaned over his body. Dom’s arms were starched over his head, cuffed to the head board. Quickly nodding, Dom’s eyes widened as Billy ran a hand down his body slowly. “Good… I like bad boys.” He whispered moving up to bite down on Dom’s neck.

Dom cried out at the sudden pain and then moaned as Billy started sucking the place he had bitten. “Oh fuck… I’ve been so bad.” Dom said huskily, pulling at the restraints. Billy sucked harder and moved his leg over between Dom’s, eliciting another moan.

“I want you. I wanna feel you. I wanna taste you. I wanna fuck you.” Billy said kissing small bites down Dom’s chest. “Can I taste you?” He whispered placing a soft kiss just below Dom’s belly button.

“Uh huh.” Dom tried to say… instead a frantic nod and whine came from his throat. Billy smiled and moved down more, flicking out his tongue to prod the sensitive tip of Dom’s cock.

Dom!” Billy said shaking Dom awake. Eyes snapping halfway open, Dom found he could move his arms. Swinging them forward, Dom wrapped his arms around Billy’s back, which was leaning over the seat, and pulled their faces together. Dom’s lips found Billy’s and then they both froze.

“Oh shit.” Dom said releasing Billy and slamming back against the car’s seat.

Chapter Four
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